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                                     Akshardham metro station Delhi India

The Akshardham Metro Station is a Delhi Metro station on the Blue line worked by the Delhi Metro Rail Organization Restricted. The station lies between Pandav Nagar on one side and the Akshardham Mandir and the Federation Games Town on the opposite side. It was intended to be a supplement to the Akshardham Mandir found nearby. When it was finished on 12 November 2009, the station was the tallest metro station inside the Delhi Metro framework (the record is right now held by the Mayur Vihar-I metro station on the Pink Line). The station serves suburbanites venturing out to the mandir and gave transport to the 2010 District Games.



Preceding station Mayur Vihar 

> At Location – Akshardham

> Following – Yamuna Bank

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