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dak prescott jersey

Tv Network changes Dak Prescott’s jersey color from blue to purple, at NFL’s request

You’ve probably seen, one or two times or more regularly, the DirecTV business highlighting Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and individuals from the different Genuine Housewives shows. The business incorporates no group names or logos, and that implies that DirecTV cut a check for Prescott but not really for his manager, the Dallas Cowboys.

As of late, you might have seen an unobtrusive change in the business. While observing last evening’s games on both ESPN and Amazon (the business ran during both West Virginia Tech and Steelers-Tans), my child brought up that Dak’s pullover is currently purple. It recently was blue.

“Your child has a decent eye,” an association representative told PFT. “We requested that DirecTV change it and they did, which we appreciated.”

The blue shirt in the first business seemed to be the Ranchers’ blue “home” pullover, which the Cattle rustlers seldom wear at home. In any case, the civility in variety change halted with the shirts. Different blues in the uniform worn by Dak’s nonexclusive group stay, like the socks.

DirecTV is somewhat recently of its Sunday Ticket bundle with the NFL. DirecTV allegedly pays $1.5 billion every year for the freedom to do such. That clearly wasn’t sufficient to get the NFL to give DirecTV a pass with regards to the likely similitude of Dak’s made-up uniform to his genuine one.



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