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 Contrasting Justin Fields’ initial 12 beginnings with different Bears quarterbacks

The Chicago Bears have drafted 32 quarterbacks in the Super Bowl time. Not every one of them proceeded to be a starter for the group, as certain quarterbacks were drafted to add profundity to the quarterback room. Others, such as Justin Fields, were drafted to be the substance of the establishment.

After 12 beginnings, it’s difficult to tell where Fields is. It’s significant that he has shown blazes of significance in his young profession, but at the same time, he’s shown a ton of battles. We’ve seen a ton of change for the youthful quarterback since he indicated his most memorable preseason game being simple, with this statement: “It was somewhat delayed to me, frankly.”

With Fields’ twelfth beginning in the books, we should investigate where he piles up with other striking quarterbacks drafted by Chicago, tracing all the way back to 1983 with Jim McMahon..

After 12 beginnings, Fields is 3-9 as a starter in the NFL. He’s tossed 9 passing scores and 12 capture attempts. He’s tossed for 2,061 yards alongside scrambling for three scores and 468 yards.

For Fields to find success in the NFL, those block attempts need to go down. He’s tossed a pass in 13 distinct games with the Bears, nearly averaging a capture for every game with 12 vocation block attempts.

Jim Harbaugh was drafted by the Bears in the principal round of the 1987 NFL draft. He had a respectable vocation with the Bears, going 35-30 as a starter. Harbaugh battled from the get-go in his NFL vocation yet at the same time figured out how to go 6-6 in his initial 12 beginnings.

Harbaugh saw activity in 33 absolute games when of his twelfth beginning. In those games, he tossed for 2,115 yards, with 8 passing scores and 14 capture attempts.

Harbaugh went 9-3 in his next 12 beginnings with the group..


Rex Grossman had an extremely unpredictable profession with the Bears. He took Chicago to the Super Bowl in 2006, yet couldn’t catch a similar achievement McMahon accomplished for the group in 1985.

Grossman was drafted in the principal round of the 2003 NFL draft. In his initial 12 beginnings, he tossed for 2,546 yards, with 14 passing scores and 9 captures.

In his next 12 beginnings, he went 8-4, however, tossed fewer scores (13) and had more captures (18).

Kyle Orton was drafted in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL draft. However Chicago had Grossman, they were hoping to draft a quarterback. They got an opportunity to draft Aaron Rodgers with the fourth generally determination in the draft, yet went with running back Cedric Benson, who would have rather not played in Chicago, regardless.

In his initial 12 beginnings, Orton went 9-3 as a starter, tossing for 9 passing scores and 13 captures, with 1,591 passing yards.

In his following 12 beginnings, Orton went 6-6 as a starter. Simply a year after the fact, he was exchanged to the Mustangs for Jay Cutler in 2009.

Mitchell Trubisky‘s profession with the Bears was loaded with up-and-downs. He showed guarantee during his new kid on the block season, taking over for Mike Glennon. He went 4-8 as a starter, with 7 passing scores and 7 interferences alongside tossing for 2,193 yards.

After his new kid on the block season, Trubisky took a significant leap in his second year with the group. He went 9-3 in his next 12 beginnings, including a six-score execution against the Marauders.

The expectation fans ought to have is this, Trubisky battled in his initial three games (begins 13-15) of the 2018 season. Things appeared to click for the time being from Week 4 and then some, yet Weeks 1-3 saw him toss only 1 passing score.

Fields has a great deal of time to get to the next level. As seen by previous quarterbacks, their next 12 beginnings ended up finding true success more than their initial 12. In the event that he can emulate their example, Chicago will be okay.



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