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oreo biscuit | once again oreo

Oreo Brandamester M.S.Dhoni Launch New Oreo Version “Oreo again” 

 > Former INDIA Captain and Brandamester Mr. M.S. Dhoni Launches a new version of Oreo for you again 

> MS Dhoni announced today at 2:00 PM About the Oreo again and he responded by doing some entertainment to his media fan 

> Dhoni started asking a media sender what is audio Oreo again then Dhoni told that like India won the World cup in 2011, in the same way, India will win the World cup in 2022.

> Then the reporter asked Dhoni how will they win the World cup  Dhoni told that Oreo was launched in 2011, again Oreo is being launched again in 2022 then we will win the World Cup for sure.

Do you think India will win the World cup this year, do comment?



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