HomenewsPutin and Modi's meeting on Nuclear War

Putin and Modi’s meeting on Nuclear War

 How the Russian President will meet the Indian Prime minister Modi and declare the war NUCLEAR WAR

> The President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last night and told him in detail about the Nuclear attack and took his opinion Putin said if any comes to Save Ukraine, we will not leave it too. Whether he comes to the United States of America or NATO country, we will not leave him.

> Russian President told Modi that nuclear attack will happen soon because we tried to stop a lot but not the country agreed, so now there will be an attack.

> Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

> Putin asked Modi that he needed a lot of grains and soldiers

>  Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi obeyed all the words of Putin and where we will always be with you and our friendship will always be like this we will give you complete security.

> Russian President Vladimir Putin said that any Indian who comes to Russia will not get his visa, it is absolutely free.

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