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                   GTA 6 releases transferred, shared, brought down


In the range of one day, breaks to the forthcoming, much-anticipated Fabulous Robbery Auto 6 (GTA 6) were transferred, spread, and brought down. Click here to get familiar with what precisely went down.

On the eighteenth of September, 2022, another client by the name of teapotuberhacker posted on the authority GTA discussions. In their now erased post, they professed to have north of 90 recordings containing film from the impending GTA 6. They likewise guaranteed they could release more, saying they additionally have “GTA 5 and 6 source code and resources, GTA 6 testing work.” On the post was a connection prompting a downloadable file that contained more than 3GB of recordings. Different clients immediately downloaded it (the record as of now has north of 100,000 downloads), and speedily began transferring them.

This subject immediately became viral. On Twitter, the hashtags #GTA6Leaked and #GTAVI are as yet moving as of the composition of this post. Different recordings sprung up, with individuals making Twitter accounts exclusively to transfer and share the holes. About 12 hours after the underlying transfer of the hole, teapotuberhacker refreshed his post (See picture underneath).


As per onlookers, Bring Two’s transition to bring down the breaks demonstrates that we ought not to be seeing these ongoing interaction recordings. Unfortunately, recordings from the release actually exist on Twitter. How about we simply trust that this gigantic hole won’t influence the improvement of the game that much. Obviously, that is just living in fantasy land as of now.



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