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vikram vedha bgm download

                        Vikram Vedha BGM Download


Vikram vedha

About Film 

Vikram vedha or is the film copy of South’s film Vikram

Vikram vedha all the scenes and all the dialogues are all copy Vikram

> Everything is enough for this film except the hero and villain 

Vikram vedha this film was released on 30th September but Vikram’s film has been released long back.

Vikram vedha Hrithik Roshan is playing the role of Villain

Vikram vedha It is an action film and it cost a lot to make 

> I think a lot of people will not like this movie because this movie is already made and people have seen it a long time back then people will not like it.

> You must tell me below that you will like the film more, this South film did you like Vikram more, which of the two is better and which one do you like, definitely tell me by commenting

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