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dawood ibrahim latest photo | Dawood Ibrahim and Salman Khan | underworld don | salman khan news

Dawood Ibrahim was the first close and special friend of Bollywood film star Salman Khan.

Salman Khan with Dawood Ibrahim 

🌑 Who does not know Salman Khan, the star of the film world, this is about the time when Dawood Ibrahim used to be the best friend of Salman Khan and there will be only a few people in this world who would not know Dawood Ibrahim.

🌑 The people of Salman and Dawood’s friendship used to give an example. Some time ago, Salman and Dawood used to be together all the time, but after Dawood left India and after taking his wrong path, now this news has not been investigated yet, is Salman still Is there any connection with Dawood or whether Salman has also finished talking to Dawood Ibrahim or is still Salman Khan speaking to Dawood Ibrahim, no information has come yet.

🌑 Dawood Ibrahim is that poor man who has done so many wrong things in the world and but till now no one has come into his hands the police all over the world are looking for him like dogs but till now he has not come in the hands of anyone and till now There is no information about where he is at the moment and in which place, there are many attacks and wrongdoings happening in the world, in which the connection of Dawood is always coming in one form, the police is always alert that Dawood Anyone can be contacted and can be reached.

🌑 There are so many wrongdoings, the supply of guns, the collection of trucks, all that is done from one side at the behest of Dawood, and all the wrong things that are happening in the world are at the behest of Dawood but till date, no one knows that Where is Dawood’s whereabouts, the police of 12 countries are behind him but no one has been able to catch him yet, but the police and all the intelligence departments themselves are behind Dawood and Dawood does not know where he is hiding, from one side we said Saddam of the underworld don is. 

🌑 Salman and Dawood met in Mumbai which is a long time ago and at the same time, Salman and Dawood met on the sets of a movie gradually the conversation between them grew, and at the same time, the meeting of both became very fast. It happened and on seeing Salman Khan’s best friend became Dawood Ibrahim but Salman felt deceived when he heard all this about Dawood, after that no contact from Salman has been found yet with Dawood as well as Salman. Now we do not meet Dawood but we do not know what Salman does and with whom he talks.



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