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 Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake in San Francisco Narrows Region, the biggest to strike the locale in years

A size 5.1 tremor shook the San Francisco Sound Region on Tuesday, shaking structures and denoting the most grounded shudder the locale has found in eight years.

There were no prompt reports of harm or wounds.

The U.S. Topographical Overview said the shake struck at 11:42 a.m. nearby time around 12 miles east of San Jose at a profundity of around 4 miles. The region is around 40 miles southeast of downtown San Francisco. earthquake bay area

The tremor was the biggest the Sound Region had encountered in years, as per USGS information and seismologist Lucy Jones. The last prominent tremor was a 6.0 size quake that struck close to Napa in 2014. earthquake bay area

Jones told that the shake occurred on the Calaveras shortcoming, one of eight significant flaws in the Narrows Region and a part of the San Andreas separation point. earthquake bay area

“The Calaveras fault is one that tends to have smaller earthquakes,” Jones said.

The National Weather Service’s Bay Area office said shaking could be felt at its Monterey office. Trains for BART and Caltrain briefly paused operation before resuming at reduced speeds, the agencies tweeted. earthquake bay area

Santa Cruz County said on Twitter that there were no significant reports of damage following the quake. There was no damage to schools and classes safely resumed, according to the county. earthquake bay area

Nearly 100,000 people reported receiving a warning before the shaking started through California’s earthquake early warning system, according to the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, or Cal OES.

“Advance notice varied from two seconds for those very near the epicenter to 18 seconds for those in San Francisco,” the agency said. earthquake bay area

Rich Constantine, the mayor of Morgan Hill, a city next to San Jose, said he was in the kitchen of his home when the “long and steady” quake struck. earthquake bay area

“We had a frame in the house fall, everything was shaking but once it stopped, there was no damage,” he said.

A 3.1 aftershock followed about 5 minutes after the initial earthquake, USGS said. earthquake bay area

Tuesday’s earthquake came just a week after the 33rd anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake — a magnitude 6.9 quake that struck in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Oct. 17, 1989, just as the World Series was about to begin in San Francisco. The quake resulted in 62 deaths and caused billions of dollars in damage. earthquake bay area

Yep we felt that earthquake here at the office in Monterey. USGS shows 5.1 with an epicenter south of Mt Hamilton in the hills east of San Jose.

— NWS Bay Area 🌉 (@NWSBayArea) October 25, 2022



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