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 Some unique things about Ram Setu bridge

> An American Tv channel has sparked a debate again about the Ram Setu building between India and Sri Lanka scientific investigation about Ram Setu suggests that the Hindu mythology of Lord Rama building a bridge to Sri Lanka may be true. 

> America Archaeological Vedas have been quoted as saying that a 48-km-long line between India and Sri Lanka is made of rocks and this rock is 7000 years old, while Jaspal is attained about, it is 4000 years old, many people believe the existence of Ram Setu. If there are some exemptions like Ram Setu, internationally known as Adams Bridge and built in Rameshwaram, the southern part of India by the Vanara Sena of Shri Ram, an incarnation of Vishnu in Hinduism.

> The other face of Sri Lanka actually connects to Mannar then it is believed that mass stones were used to build this bridge, but that stone did not sink into the sea after being thrown into the water but continued to do so on the surface of the water. The reason was that this stone is not in the water, some people consider it a miracle of God, giving religious importance to it, but the logic behind it is, it is completely opposite. When it gets hot, the air gets imprisoned in it, due to which it becomes lighter and floats, making this flower by choosing such a stone.

> The big question is whether there really was a bridge named Ram Setu, was it really built by Lord Shri Ram of Hinduism and it was also built, then suddenly where did this bridge go, according to religious belief, when Ashoka Emperor Ravana, kidnapped Mother site. When he took Lanka with him, Shri Ram built a bridge in the middle of the sea with the help of the monkeys. later on, he fed the Ram Setu. Surprisingly, bringing the sea that exists between the two countries keeps the distance between the two countries. How the monkey army built a former in 5 days, while the believers believe that the stone and sand were made on the Ram Setu, it seems that the bridge builders brought the stones from outside and more than 30 miles long man-made There is no debate on Ram Setu.

> Controversy arose in 2005 when the UPA-I government give the green signal to the 12-meter-deep and 300-meter-wide channel Ram Setu Samudra project, which would open the sea route between the Bay of Bengal and the Araban Sea for direct movement for this, the farmers had to break, according to to the project supporters, it is almost that this project will be damaged, in the storm of 1480, it was used to travel between India and Sri Lanka.

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