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virat kohli hairstyle | virat kohli instagram | virat kohli beard style

 Before the World Cup, Virat Kohli posted a photo of his new look 

 > The World Cup is about to start on October 16, in the meantime, Virat Kohli has sent a photo of the best look on his Instagram and social media platforms. Have been sharing that this new look and hairstyle look of Virat Kohli looks very attractive and different, people are liking it a lot and shared Virat Kohli’s victory even before the World Cup. Told me that I am completely ready now and no one can beat me Many players are also doing the practice for this match loudly but it is not clear yet which players can play in the India team, but you also know that Virat Kohli will play for sure because Virat Kohli No one can take the place of Dhoni, Virat Kohli was put in place of Dhoni and now if Dhoni is not there, then Virat Kohli Kohli can handle his team

India’s first match of the World Cup is with Pakistan, which will be played on October 23, which is going to be very exciting to see. And Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are both in the best form, then it will also be worth seeing who wins, the competition is very strong, they also have one bowler and batsman and India will also play with its full force but in the meantime, Virat Kohli has decided that the World Cup is ours because, in the meantime, Virat Kohli has posted and told all his fans that Virat Kohli and the India team are not going to bow down and some time ago MS Dhoni also did Oreo. It was said by campaigning that if the World Cup is sure this year, then we will see what the atmosphere is like and who has won the World Cup, we will have a lot of fun watching it and support our team with full enthusiasm and we have full faith that our India team will definitely win Thank you.



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