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Fresh videos show AAP’s Satyendar Jain having ‘outside food’ in Tihar jail 

The fresh video comes less than a week after a clip showing a ‘rape accused’ giving massages to the jailed AAP leader.

Fresh videos of Aam Aadmi Party‘s Satyendar Jain emerged from Tihar jail on Wednesday in which he is seen eating uncooked vegetables and fruits in his cell, days after the Minister moved a city court alleging that he is not being provided raw food as per his religious beliefs.

A Delhi court had on Tuesday sought the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) response to a plea by Jain seeking a direction to Tihar officials to provide him food items like fruits, dry fruits, and dates as per his religious beliefs as he was observing a fast.
The petition, filed on Monday, claimed that the jail administration had stopped providing him basic food that is partaken under his religion for the last 12 days.
“The CCTV footage from Jain’s cell in Tihar negates his claims of not getting proper food in jail. He has been getting the food of his choice, including fruits and dry fruits, as the video shows,” sources said.
They also said that contrary to Jain’s lawyers’ claim that he lost 28 kg during his time in jail, he gained 8 kg.
Earlier, sources from Jain’s side had claimed he had lost 2 kg after the jail authorities stopped providing him fruits and vegetables and a total of 28 kg during his time in prison.
According to the plea filed in court by Jain, who was arrested by the ED in a money laundering case in May, he has been surviving on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and dry fruits or dates for the last six months. He was purchasing these from his quota of ration available to all inmates.
Jain is “a strict adherent of Jainism”, the application said.

Earlier this week, purported videos of Jain getting massages inside his prison cell went viral on social media. In the videos, Jain is seen getting back, foot, and head massages in his cell.
The AAP had claimed that Jain was receiving physiotherapy following a spinal injury.
On Tuesday, sources said the masseur seen in the video is not a physiotherapist but a rape accused lodged in Tihar.



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