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The black fungus spread from tooth to whole body, and a 15-year-old girl died

Doctors were also considering removing part of his face and one eye (indicative image)
In Mexico, a 15-year-old girl died of black fungus. The black fungus first spread in his teeth and then took hold of his entire head. It is also known as mucormycosis. This girl was already suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. This is due to increased levels of chemicals called ketones in the blood.

Doctors were considering removing part of his face and one eye as well, but he died tragically after multi-organ failure. The heart-wrenching news was reported by local media as the family tried to raise money to buy £350, or more than £33, of medicines.

Part of the patient’s palate removed
The girl’s mother, Karen Hidalgo, and grandmother, María Isabel Rodríguez, said she was admitted to the hospital on 5 November. It was also previously called zygomycosis and, usually, affects the sinuses or lungs after inhaling fungus from the air. Doctors removed part of the young patient’s palate and sought permission from the family to remove part of his face and one eye, considering the severity of the disease.
What did the family say
But at that time his mother was not ready for this. They said, ‘We don’t want any more. Everything was complicated because she had diabetes. That’s why the fungus progressed rapidly. It was an infection in the tooth. That’s where the fungus came from.’ In an update this week, local media reported that Allison had passed away, citing complications with diabetic ketoacidosis as the main cause.



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