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The Chinese company will build a road connecting India with Nepal: Press review

Nepal’s army has given a contract to a Chinese company to build an expressway connecting India and Nepal. After this, Nepal is accused of sidelining the Indian company.

According to the news published in the Economic Times, on November 11, Nepal’s army awarded the contract to the Chinese company ‘China First Highway Engineering’ to build the Kathmandu-Tarai-Madhesh Expressway.

This decision has come to the fore just ten days before the start of the general elections in Nepal. Earlier the application of the same company was rejected.

But after that somehow this company got the contract for the expressway. While the company does not have the necessary technical expertise to complete this project.

People aware of this matter have given this information to the newspaper. After this, those companies decided to go to court whose proposals have been rejected.
Afcons Infrastructure of India also applied for this project. And this matter can be taken to Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.
Questions have arisen after the necessary transparency was not maintained in the bidding process of this project and the Chinese company got the contract.
The work of this project started in the year 2017 and is to be completed in 2024. According to the newspaper, the Chinese company had bid for 18.786 billion Nepalese rupees. At the same time, the Indian company had put in a bid of Rs 19.99 billion.




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