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Corona: Millions of people imprisoned in homes in China, arrangements for isolation of 2.5 lakh people ready

There is a possibility of corona explosion again in China. (File photo- Bloomberg)
Millions of people are imprisoned in homes to reduce the effect of the Corona epidemic in China, while the capacity of modern facilities has been developed to isolate 2.5 lakh people in China’s southern Guangzhou metropolis.

⏩The risk of corona epidemic increased in China

⏩ Millions of people are imprisoned in homes, and restrictions are strict

⏩ Big preparation for isolation in Guangzhou city
Beijing. China’s southern Guangzhou metropolis on Thursday announced plans to build separate housing facilities for some 2,50,000 people to deal with rising cases of the coronavirus. This announcement has been made at a time when the national government is trying to reduce the effect of anti-epidemic measures due to which lakhs of people are imprisoned in their homes. The epidemic started spreading in Guangzhou city with a population of about 13 million since the beginning of October and 9,680 new cases of infection have been registered in the last 24 hours. This is about 40 percent of the 23,276 cases of Covid-19 across the country.
The number of infection cases in China is less than in the US and other major countries, but the ruling Communist Party is trying to isolate every patient. The repeated imposition of restrictions on areas, schools, and businesses is fueling public anger and clashes with health workers. “The epidemic situation in Guangzhou is still very serious,” said Wang Baosen, a city official, the South Metropolis Daily newspaper reported. Or sent to the hospital for treatment.
Angry residents in Guangzhou were seen removing barriers put up by health workers, according to videos circulating on social media. The city government announced that an additional 2,46,407 beds would be set up in Guangzhou, including 1,32,015 in isolation wards of the hospital and 1,14,392 beds for people who are infected but do not have symptoms of the disease. The Communist Party last week promised to ease anti-Covid-19 measures by reducing the period of separate residence and changing other rules. However, party leaders said they would stick to the ‘zero covid’ policy at a time when other countries are easing restrictions and trying to keep up with the virus.



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