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FIFA World Cup 2022: Partners of football players are enjoying a lot in ‘Floating Palace’, See Pics 

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Their partners have also reached out to support their husbands and partners in the ongoing Football World Cup in Qatar. Of course, they are not able to spend time with their partners, but it is clear from the pictures posted on social media that they are enjoying a good time between the matches.

Celebrity partners who have come to support their partners in FIFA World Cup 2022 are enjoying themselves.


The cost of the luxury cruise ‘Floating Palace’ is more than 98 billion rupees.
⏩ All the facilities have been provided for the enjoyment of the children along with the elders on the cruise.

New Delhi. FIFA World Cup 2022 is going on with full enthusiasm in Qatar. The best football players from around the world are battling it out in 9 stadiums in Qatar for the gleaming trophy of 18 karat gold, with prize money of Rs 343 crore. There is an atmosphere of celebration everywhere in Qatar.

Meanwhile, pictures of football players enjoying themselves with their partners in Qatar are going viral. Where football players have been accommodated at Al-Wakra resort. At the same time, their partners are enjoying with the children in the super luxury cruise ‘Floating Palace’ worth Rs 98.68 billion. Looking at his pictures, you will be jealous that I wish we were there too.

Poolside cocktail parties happening
Partners of football players are leaving for the poolside cocktail party wearing expensive stunning dresses. Of course, she is unable to spend time with her football player husbands, but many celebrity partners who have arrived in Qatar from England and Wales are seen having a lot of fun on the floating palace during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The partners of Welsh footballers are passionately ready to support their husbands and partners. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Continuously posting images on social media
These celebrity partners present in Qatar are continuously posting their images on their respective social media pages with sunbath, food, and cocktails in between exciting matches. Apart from Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sasha Attwood, wives or girlfriends of British footballers reached Doha earlier this week. Let us tell you that England beat Iran 6-2, while Wales played a draw with America with 1-1 goals.
Amy Cody, the wife of football player Conor Cody, is present in Qatar with her three sons. (Photo Credits: Instagram)
There is every kind of arrangement in the ‘Floating Palace’
Qatar’s cruise liner ‘Floating Palace’ has 6 swimming pools, while the 30 bars present here are open all the time. Some players are also staying at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. In between matches, all the girls are busy posting their pictures on social media, sunbathing in bikinis in 30-degree temperatures. Let us tell you that a few days before the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the sale of alcohol was banned. However, cocktails are being served on this cruise ship. There is also a very big slide on this cruise. Apart from this, there is also a club, sportsplex, bumper cars, and roller disco for children.
In ‘Floating Palace’ 30 bars are open all the time.
Amy enjoying the cruise with their sons
Amikodi is seen on a cruise with her three sons. Pictures posted on social media show that Amy and her sons Henry, Louis, and Freddy are enjoying themselves to the fullest. Amy also took her sons for a scoot in Doha one evening. There is also a big slide on the cruise.
Amy and her sons Henry, Louis, and Freddie are thoroughly enjoying the cruise. (Photo Credits: Instagram)
Aaron went out for dinner in a stunning look
Aaron Ramsdale’s Fiancee G. Irwin carried a luxurious dress worth more than Rs 60,000 for the night out. It is called the Merabi suit. After this, he enjoyed dinner at Novikov restaurant. This restaurant started in Mayfair in London. The price of 9 pieces of sashimi in this restaurant is 420 riyals i.e. 95.82 pounds. The costliest item on its menu is 25 riyals i.e. $5.70.
Aaron Ramsdale enjoyed dinner at Novikov restaurant. (Photo Credits: Instagram)
Paige Milan has a poolside dinner
Paige Milan wore a stunning brown dress to enjoy food by the pool so that her amazing figure would make everyone jealous. He has also shared a video, in which the formal dining table is visible. Pages are present in Qatar with Rahim’s children. Among them is Melody Rose, daughter of Rahim’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Clark.
Bukayo Saka’s girlfriend Ptolemy Benson looks stunning in the outfit she wore for the evening out. At the same time, England’s football player Rahim Sterling’s girlfriend Paige Milan has shared the picture taken in her room. (Photo Credits: Instagram)
Conor Roberts’ wife arrives with mother and daughter
Georgina Roberts, the wife of footballer Conor Roberts, is staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. 214 pounds have to be paid for one night’s stay here. His mother and 8-month-old daughter have also come with him. Georgina has posted many of her pictures on social media. In one picture, she is seen enjoying herself with her daughter on the sea beach. At the same time, he has also shared a picture with his mother enjoying a cocktail.
Nicole Hagen, the partner of Wales players Nico Williams, posted this picture of herself on a non-match day. (Photo Credits: Instagram)


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