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Qatar where World Cup football starts after a week, small but powerful country

From November 20, the biggest and most exciting football fair in the world i.e. World Cup 2022 gathering is going to be held in Qatar. When the teams of 32 countries will assemble here, the eyes of the whole world will be drawn. It is said that if the thrill of a game speaks louder than most in the world, then it is football. Know about the country Qatar which is the host of the World Cup this time.

Although the heat is less here at this time, that too is not less than 35 °C, which means that even at this time there will be heat waves and it will not be easy for the players to play on the field. By the way, when FIFA handed over the hosting of the World Cup to Qatar 12 years ago, it was the most controversial decision then. After this, there were many raids on the headquarters of FIFA. It was clearly linked to corruption. (Wiki Commons)
Qatar is a country in the Gulf. It is situated on the northeast coast of Arabia. To its south is Saudi Arabia. There is the Persian Gulf on all three sides. Qatar is also a rich oil-exporting country. In 1783, the Al-Khalif dynasty started ruling here. After this, it remained under Turkey. After the First World War, it remained under British rule. It became independent in 1971. Then the rule of Khalifa bin Hamad started here. (wiki commons)
The name Qatar is believed to have originated from the ancient name “Qatar” of the city of present-day Zubara, which was an important port and city in the region in ancient times. Its shape is like the thumb of the hand. Not only is there a huge reserve of oil here, but there is a huge reserve of natural gas present in the sea here. It is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of per capita income. (wiki commons)
The money has helped it build Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s best-known satellite news channel, build a major military base for American troops, and secure a key role as a key intermediary in the West. Al Jazeera became famous for running the statements of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. It has a population of 2.9 million and the largest city is its capital, Doha, around which the majority of the population lives. (Wiki Commons)
Qatar is basically flat. Its temperature goes above 40 degrees in summer. Then it gets very humid here. But the abundant wealth that came from oil and gas changed the fortunes of this country. By the way, this country is known for very strict laws regarding women. Women cannot live here with the clothes they wear in Europe. Therefore, these restrictions will continue on the women coming here even in the World Cup. By the way, it is also considered a very safe country for women. (Wiki Commons)
Qatar has an autocratic government. This government runs according to Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. The 42-year-old Emir took over the reins of the government in June 2013 after his father abdicated. There is also an advisory council with 45 members in the country, but the real power rests with the Emir. Like other Gulf countries, political parties are banned in Qatar as well. The right to form a union or to strike is very limited. Although Qatar is definitely small, now it is being counted among the powerful countries. (wiki commons)
Qatar follows a very conservative line of Sunni Islam, it is called Wahhabi. However, unlike neighboring Saudi Arabia, foreigners are allowed to drink alcohol here. (Wiki Commons)



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