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Centre’s direct tax receipts jumped 26% to ₹8.71 trillion

The central government’s net direct tax collections this fiscal year jumped 26% from a year ago to ₹8.71 trillion, official data released on Friday showed.

As always, the government gets a lot of benefits from the tax and since the tax has been imposed on everything, the government is getting a lot of benefits. on the thing

The government is continuously increasing its tax, the government is getting the most benefit from the tax of liquor and the government is continuously reducing its shots and at the same time eliminating the wasteful expenditure and the government has thought more and more. If possible, people should be reduced and modern things should be included more, due to which the cost will be less and the work will be more. and the government believes that highly educated people can do any work, but now it is the government’s decision to end working work and with the help of this, the government is continuously increasing the tax, which means increasing the tax. Drinks and all things will be taxed earlier, it was not there, now copy book is being taxed on everything, it is benefiting the government a lot and before the tax money was given to the employees of the Government of India but the government employees reducing numbers and using that money to grow and modernize the country

In the coming time, the government will impose a tax on everything, due to which the public will need to buy more expensive goods India will be built from their tax and India will be made much more modern and that tax will be kept in all the works. The government has stopped the pension of all the employees because the money will be given to the employees through tax. The government is getting a lot of benefits, people are saving their taxes, people are saving money, the government and the income tax department are in an active mood, raiding places and you will have to give all the information about the money you have to the government. Where did the money come from you can give tax to the government every month through whatever means you want to pay tax on everything, but the tax on everything has been increased 2 times 3 times 5 times, due to which the government is getting a lot of benefits and Government of India that money is being invested in modernizing India



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