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Pakistan: Imran’s freedom march against the Pakistan government resumed, telling the people – to remove the obstacles from the paths

Imran Khan said that our long march has started once again, I am calling upon all our workers to end the road blockades with immediate effect.

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan is again seen in the same color after being injured. He once again resumed his Azadi March against the ruling PML-N coalition government on Friday. At the same time, Imran asked his workers to remove the blockades from the roads.

Taking to Twitter, Imran Khan said that our long march for Hakiki Azadi has begun once again, I am calling on all my workers to end road blockades with immediate effect. Let us tell you that last week with the intention of killing him, an accused had opened fire, which hit his leg. After which his fans blocked the way.

Our Spirits High
Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi tweeted that the journey of the real Azadi March has started again from Wazirabad. He said that our spirits are high. The hard work of our people and the sacrifice of our martyrs will surely pay off. Let’s go, friends! Insha-Allah. Also said that President Imran Khan himself will lead this convoy from Rawalpindi.
In a press release issued by PTI’s social media account, Imran Khan informed that they will address the march from Lahore and it will reach Rawalpindi within the next 10 to 14 days. On the other hand, Imran Khan has blamed the coalition government and Major General Nasir Faisal for the attack.
Earlier, Imran Khan had said that he had come to know about the conspiracy to kill him two months ago. He had also said that he would reveal the name of another army officer allegedly involved in the conspiracy through his address to supporters participating in the long march.



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