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Frequent earthquakes, why it is difficult to predict in advance 

After the lunar eclipse, earthquake tremors have been felt two or more times from Nepal to North India. Their intensity has also not decreased. It is speculated that there may be some more minor tremors. Science has made a lot of progress but till now it has failed to predict when an earthquake may occur. 

Earthquakes occur many times in India, but there are very few that cause devastation. But when an earthquake causes devastation, it does a lot of damage. But what is the reason that even after all the efforts where our scientists can predict the weather, they still have not been successful in predicting earthquakes?

The source of the trembling movement on the surface of the earth is the seismic activities born under the earth. Due to these activities, more energy is created, they reach the surface of the earth through waves, and due to these, the upper layer of the earth which is made up of many plates vibrates.

This vibration is prominent where the boundaries of these plates meet. Scientists have also identified the boundaries of these plots and have identified them as areas more prone to earthquakes.

Talking about India, from Andaman and Nicobar to the Himalayas in the north and then from there to the west, the whole Himalayas is such an area where the possibility of an earthquake in India is very high. It also includes the area of Gujarat. The north of the earthquake in the Himalayas reaches the plains of India.

Earthquake is identified by seismic waves i.e. seismic waves. The problem with these waves is that they can be recognized when they are born. From these, the intensity of earthquakes and their effects can be known.

But they cannot be predicted. For this, information is needed about the activities far below the surface of the earth, which has not been achieved yet and it is very difficult to know about it, for which many types of research are going on.

It is not even a matter for scientists to predict the origin of these waves. So far studies have been able to tell how and how much effect these waves can have. Apart from this, it has also been learned from their study that after the first earthquake, more tremors can occur.

Where do earthquakes occur more and where have they occurred. On this basis, scientists have already ascertained that where there is more possibility of an earthquake, but it is difficult for them to tell where an earthquake will occur after two days.



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