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leaks and possible crack threaten to delay nasa moon launch | nasas next-generation megarocket set for debut test launch to moon

NASA to launch the long-delayed Artemis 1 mission to Moon in the coming week

On Friday, NASA revealed that the long-delayed plan to launch an uncrewed mission to the Moon is scheduled for next Wednesday. NASA informed about the plan after inspecting the minor damages tropical storm Nicole had caused while passing through Florida.

Senior NASA official Jim Free told reporters that there was “nothing preventing” a launch on that day and that teams from NASA had gained access to the launch

πŸŒ‘ The heavy-lift rocket, the most potent ever constructed by contractors for NASA, is now scheduled to launch on Wednesday at 01:04 local time (0604 GMT), with a potential window of two hours.

πŸŒ‘ The unmanned Artemis 1 mission will move the US one step closer to sending astronauts back to the Moon five decades after the last time they set foot there.
πŸŒ‘ The Orion crew capsule will be launched to the Moon by the rocket without touching down on the lunar surface. If everything goes according to plan, the mission will last for 25 and a half days before the capsule returns on December 11 with a splashdown in the Pacific.
πŸŒ‘ According to Free, the US space agency must power up the vehicle and conduct some technical tests before the launch, among other things.
πŸŒ‘ There may need to be a replacement for one component on the rocket’s base that was possibly damaged.
πŸŒ‘ Already, his eagerly awaited launch has been postponed thrice in the past few months.
πŸŒ‘ Free, is NASA’s associate administrator for exploration systems development. He informed me that two backup launch dates have been set for 19 November and 25 November, if required
πŸŒ‘ The rocket was battered by category 1 Hurricane Nicole’s winds as it was positioned on its launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. However, according to Free, the wind speeds were not greater than what the car could handle.
πŸŒ‘ He did admit, though, that the SLS rocket would have remained in the vehicle assembly building if NASA had been aware of the hurricane’s impending arrival.
πŸŒ‘ In order to protect it from Hurricane Ian, the rocket was brought back inside the structure in September. However, just a few days before Nicole arrived, it was moved back outside to the launch pad.
πŸŒ‘The flagship Artemis program, which aims to send the first woman and the first person of color to the Moon by 2025 at the earliest, will soon begin with the launch of Artemis 1.
πŸŒ‘ In order to establish a long-lasting human presence on the Moon, NASA plans to build a space station in its orbit. This is viewed as a preliminary step toward the first mission to



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