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Mexico: Huge incident in Guanajuato, nine killed, two injured in bar shooting

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According to local officials, nine people were killed and two were injured in the firing at the bar.

There has been a major shooting incident in Guanajuato, Mexico. According to local officials, nine people were killed and two were injured in a shootout at a bar here. The injured have been admitted to hospital. Officials say that Guanajuato is suffering from cartel violence these days. The cases of mutual dispute between drug mafia have increased here.

🌑 The blood that has happened inside or inside the Mexican is a very heartbreaking accident that anyone who will hear or hear it will be heartbroken Has been killed in such a dangerous way that cannot be told I ask why do people do this And it is a matter of great disgrace to kill someone in a public place and this accident has happened inside Bar.

🌑 The person who has seen this blood can never forget this blood because 9 people have been killed in front of their eyes and I demand from the government and the police administration there that all those criminals should be punished strictly. Strict punishment should be given and those people should be put behind the bars, people like us get so scared just thinking about this accident, someone should be ridiculed with bullets in public, and his family members and the people of his family should be killed by his parents. How the sister and brother must have felt that sorrow, only those who have died in this accident know

🌑 The 9 people who have been shot are now admitted to the hospital and are taking a breath of life and death their relatives and family members are wishing them to live and all the people are praying that they may be saved safely because this Blood ruins the people of many houses



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