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 There is a lot of resentment among the public for Modi because in 20 years so many people have never died in India.

2001- 2022 list  Accident

🌑 There is a lot of resentment among the public because we never thought that such a big accident would happen in Gujarat, due to which 150 people have lost their lives, was caused by the falling of the cable bridge, and the suffering of the people is not being told. There is a lot of anger, and there is the grief of losing your family.

🌑 From 21 years till today, such a big accident has not happened in the country of India, which happened today on 30 October 2022. He is also listening and his eyes are getting moist, many small children and youth have lost their lives in this accident, in this accident there were many elderly people and many women have also died.

🌑 And in the meantime, yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed great happiness to the people of Gujarat who have lost their lives during this accident, and on 1 November 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet all those people and meet the victims. Gujarat will go to Mori and Saade will understand the feelings of the victims and talk to them and help as many people as possible, he said in his speech.

🌑 But there is a lot of resentment among the people of Gujarat, they do not want Modi to come here and talk to him and in the meantime, elections are going to be held in Gujarat and the honorable Prime Minister is preparing to go there but the people of Gujarat do not want That Prime Minister Modi should come here and help us because those people have understood that Modi is their enemy, because of them our family is not in this world today, this accident completely shocked the people because in this accident many people lost their lives. lost the lamp in the house

PM Modi with the contractor of Morbi Bridge

🌑 The person you are seeing in the above picture the person who is standing with Modi and joining hands is the same person who built Morbi Bridge and this person is Modi’s special man, now I don’t know why he did not make that bridge so capable that people Could go with that love comfortably and there would not have been such a big accident, has there been any scam in this or the contractor has eaten the money of this bridge or Prime Minister Modi has given the contract to that person, then do you know that Prime Minister Modi has given some money to him. If you have kept the person close, then the contract has been given to that person, anything can happen on this matter, but the police have issued action, this person has the death penalty of one hundred and fifty innocents who did not commit any crime, their death. This person is responsible and all the people associated with it are the participants, it is the reason for this death and the police have taken this person into custody and there is anger in the whole public, the public wants this person to be hanged, who committed such a big crime. Have taken the lives of innocents, and built such a weak bridge that people gave their lives

150 people have died so far

🌑 So far more than one hundred and fifty people have been killed, in this bridge accident, the NDRF and police team are continuously taking out the dead bodies and people and in the meantime, Prime Minister Modi announced full respect on 2 November 2022. And at the same time, there is an atmosphere of mourning in the state because if people die in such a huge number, then where is the happiness on the faces of the people, this accident is the biggest sad hope for India, the death toll is increasing continuously and There treatment facilities are negligible because, on November 1, 2022, the Prime Minister is going to meet all those suffering people, then we have come to know from secret sources that the Prime Minister is going to come, then the work of the hospital is being done, the patients are not being saved. It is being painted inside the hospital, tiles are being installed and it is being made modern, till now no such facility was there, but as soon as it came to know that Prime Minister Modi is going to come there, then all such arrangements have been made by the leader there. We ask why this arrangement was not done in advance, why people’s lives are so hard? Who is responsible for all these accidents sold in sti, the leader there or the person who is not doing development there or Prime Minister Modi himself because Prime Minister Modi always contests elections from Gujarat, then why is such a system still there? I want to ask the answer to all the questions about why development has not happened, to the honorable Narendra Modi.

Modi’s different  look at different places

🌑 The people of Gujarat and the people of India do not want Modi to go there and meet all those victims because they say that we need a prime minister and not a clown who only changes clothes, all such songs are coming for people because people’s homes are ruined. Due to this, there is a lot of resentment among the people, people have lost their families, whose sorrow will never be able to get out of their hearts and it seems to them that Modi has done all this because of Modi’s negligence. big accident happened

👉 What is your opinion or what caused the accident is it Modi’s hand in this accident or the contractor or the bridge not strengthened or was the bridge being misused by the public, you can answer all the questions by commenting. Huh



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