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world pneumonia day | world pneumonia day 2022

World Pneumonia Day 2022: There are many types of pneumonia, know the types, methods of prevention, and treatment

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World Pneumonia Day 2022 Types and Prevention: Pneumonia is the biggest infectious disease in children and adults, due to which millions of lives are lost worldwide every year. It is a respiratory disease that people often ignore as common flu. This is the reason why World Pneumonia Day is celebrated every year on 12 November to make people aware. 

⏩ Timely treatment of pneumonia is essential.
⏩ Pneumonia can cause difficulty in breathing and coughing.
World Pneumonia Day 2022 Types and Prevention: With the birth of the child, virus-like pneumonia enters the body. Its symptoms are less in some children, while in some its severe symptoms can also be seen. Pneumonia is a respiratory disease due to which the lungs become weak. According to the WHO report, 7,40,180 children worldwide died due to pneumonia in 2019. There has been an increase in the cases of pneumonia since Covid-19. Most people do not take pneumonia seriously nor do they know about its side effects.

According to the CDC report, there are many types of pneumonia and their symptoms also differ from each other. Pneumonia is not an incurable disease but it is treated on the basis of its type and symptoms. It is necessary to get it treated in time. Let us know about the different types of pneumonia and its prevention.

Bacterial pneumonia
The main cause of pneumonia is a bacterial infection. Due to bacterial pneumonia, there can be difficulty in breathing, cold, and flu. This virus spreads when an infected person sneezes and coughs. These bacteria enter the body through the respiratory tract. People who already have asthma or any other respiratory disease can easily become victims of this virus.
Community-acquired pneumonia
According to MedlinePlus, symptoms of pneumonia occurring in a community or group are called community-acquired pneumonia. It is common pneumonia that can be treated safely at home with antibiotics. Bacterial, viral, and walking pneumonia are considered community-acquired pneumonia.
viral pneumonia
Community-acquired pneumonia can also be caused by a virus. Influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, measles, covid-19, and antibiotics can promote viral pneumonia. Unfortunately, antibiotics are not used in the treatment of viral pneumonia. In this, antiviral drugs and corticosteroid drugs are used to reduce inflammation and fever. In viral pneumonia, the patient may face oxygen problems.
walking pneumonia
Walking pneumonia cannot be included in severe pneumonia. The symptoms of walking pneumonia can be quite general, due to which the patient does not suffer much. There can be problems of cold, cough, body pain, and headache. The symptoms of walking pneumonia end in 5-6 days and it does not spread by coming in contact with each other.
Fungal pneumonia
As the name suggests, this pneumonia is spread due to fungal infection. People who have weak immunity can get this easily. Fungal pneumonia can be caused by exposure to birds, bats, and rats. Apart from this, it can also be spread by the fungus present in dust and smoke. In this, the person may have fever and phlegm problems.
Nosocomial pneumonia
Nosocomial pneumonia is a type of pneumonia that develops after hospitalization. This pneumonia can be caused by the use of ventilators. It spreads in the body through oxygen. This pneumonia makes sick people its victims. In this, symptoms of difficulty in breathing, fever, and cough may emerge.
Chemical pneumonia
Chemical pneumonia occurs due to the ingress of a dangerous chemical into the body through the respiratory tract. This can also happen due to chlorine gas. Chemical pneumonia can damage the lungs. In this, the patient may have to face a lack of oxygen.



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