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Xi Biden meeting | China’s Xi starts first day at G20 with a whirlwind of meetings with US allies |

Biden-Xi met, and talked, then why is there no hope of getting the relationship back on track?

The date of 14 November 2022 was historic for world politics.  The Indonesian city of Bali became a witness to this when the heads of state of America and China shook hands against the background of the flags of the two countries.

The eyes of the whole world were fixed on this meeting which took place at Mulia Hotel.  Its importance is also because US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping came face to face after many years.

 In the last few years, relations between America and China have not been good.  Sometimes America has been targeting China regarding Taiwan and sometimes Russia, then China says that America is interfering in its internal affairs.

 Well, in an attempt to improve relations, Jinping and Biden talked to each other, even if the G20 conference became an excuse.

What Xi told Biden
 “Nice to meet you, Mr. President. The last time we met was in Davos, five years ago. After you became President (of America), we kept in touch through online calls. But face-to-face meetings are different. And today  Our meeting with you has just happened.”
 “Our experience has grown, but we have also learned many lessons. History is the best book to learn and we should take history as a mirror. We have paid a lot of attention to the juncture of China-US relations at the moment.  … as leaders of two major countries, we need to choose the right path. There is a need to get the right direction to strengthen and take forward bilateral ties.”
 Xi Jinping said that the eyes of the world are on China and America.  He said, “The world is expecting the US and China to handle their relations properly. People’s eyes are on our meeting. We need to work together with all other countries to maintain peace in the world.”  “
 What did Biden say
 The US President emphasized the importance of avoiding confrontation between the two countries.  He admitted that face-to-face meeting is a different matter and there is no substitute for it.

He said, “The dialogue between the two should continue and I am committed to it. This is necessary so that there can be an immediate and simultaneous discussion on urgent global issues. Whether it is climate change or security.”

 Biden said that the world also wants the two countries to work as a partnership.

Both China nor America are not aware of the extent of tension between them and the return of the warmth of relations between them will be no less than a miracle, which used to be there a decade ago.

 Then there are complaints and complaints.  The US complains that China is continuously violating the set norms of trade, while the Jinping administration would like to talk about US sanctions in the technology sector in this meeting.

 However, none of the observers keeping an eye on this meeting is ready to say with the claim whether the two countries will be able to overcome the obstacles or not?  But the good thing is that this meeting is happening at such a time when the relations between the two countries are probably at their lowest level.

 If both heads of state are seen agreeing on some measures to avoid future conflicts, then it can be considered a step forward.

Challenging China as an economic power?

 China is very important to them economically and also so strong militarily that no one can openly challenge it.

 43 years ago there was a war between China and Vietnam.  Their anti-China sentiments have been very strong.  But Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party is also careful in its relations with its powerful neighbor.

 There is a long border between the two countries.  China is its largest trading partner of Vietnam.

 Also, it is an important part of China’s supply chain.

What India Expects
What should India expect from this 17th G-20 Summit and how important is this chance to chair the 18th G-20 Summit?

 In response to this question, JNU Professor Swaran Singh says, “First of all, it has been the tradition of the G20 summit that the countries that are the president of the previous year and the country that will be the president of the coming year, keep constant coordination with each other.”  For the last year, India has been continuously engaged with Indonesia in which direction the G-20 should be taken and how to reach a consensus on different issues. So this will be a good opportunity for India to talk to the leaders of other countries.  To coordinate with them, to invite them to come to India next year, and to put their point forward.

 “India has raised many issues, such as the International Solar Alliance or the lifestyle for the environment that the Prime Minister talked about in Glasgow last year, then India would have got a chance to speak on such a big platform and it would have been given a guideline.  to give.”

 “It is a big deal for India, which is now the fifth largest emerging economy in the world and the fastest growing among these economies, to get the chairmanship of such a big and powerful forum.  By associating with it, we get a chance to serve our national interest first. Along with this, there are big problems in financial thinking and financial coordination in the whole world. Whether it is about the environment or energy, or how can they be solved, India gets a good opportunity to present its thinking and give a guideline to all these economies?



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