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5 healthy foods | 5 healthy foods in winter | winter season food list | 5 healthy food items

5 healthy foods to keep you warm this winter 

In winter, people often succumb to several medical issues, including arthritis and skin diseases. Consuming foods like eggs, peanut butter, millet, and nuts can help keep you warm during the cold months. 

⏩ Eggs help repair body tissues and are rich in healthy fats
⏩ Ragi provides enough warmth to get through the chilly winters
⏩ Almonds and walnuts lower bad cholesterol, and blood sugar and reduce inflammation

By Shakti Pandey – One has to pay close attention to one’s body, especially when winter sets in. Besides adding layers of clothing to protect the body from the cold weather, one has to consume certain foods to keep it warm. Indulging in protein-rich and fatty foods is crucial to maintain clear skin and a healthy digestive system is vital to keep seasonal infections at bay.

“Winter’s arrival can make several medical issues worse, including arthritis and skin diseases like dryness, eczema, and psoriasis,” Rohit Shelatkar, VP at Vitabiotics, Fitness & Nutrition Expert told India Today and listed five foods that can keep the body warm and keep it healthy in the cold months.

Eggs are a great source of protein to repair tissues in your body and are high in healthy fats. “Adults are usually allowed to eat 2 eggs every day. Eggs are also a healthy food that is rich in protein and helps to keep you full throughout the day and cut the calories you consume,” said Shaki pandit
Peanuts and other nut kinds of butter are a fantastic source of energy in a hurry since they’re rich in healthy fats.
“Our bodies require longer digesting these kinds that are healthy fats. Peanuts, or nut butter, are rich in a range of nutrients, but they are also packed with calories and fat. The healthy fats contained in peanut butter are healthy but must be eaten in moderate amounts. To reap health benefits, search for natural products without added ingredients, and also a sugar-free version.” said Shaki pandit.
He also said his opinion that the sweet potato also known as Shakarkandi should be an integral part of your winter food plan. “It is easily available throughout the country, particularly in the winter months, and is rich in vitamin A, fiber, and potassium, as well as other nutrients, as well as healthy carbohydrates. Consuming it regularly can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and ease constipation. It aids the body in getting the vitamin C it requires and helps build an immune system that is strong,” he said.
Millets are awash with a wide range of nutrients minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients and are low in Glycemic Index and high levels of fiber.
“Basically it is recommended to consume all millet you can find in winter. Ragi is the ideal winter food option and is warm enough to make it through the cold winters. The amino acid content of the dish can help reduce appetite. You can also incorporate it into your diet to aid in weight loss. Ragi helps with digestion as it is loaded with nutrients and fiber. Furthermore, sleeplessness depression, anxiety, and insomnia are all known to be improved with Ragi,” said Shaki pandit.
In winter, the regular intake of nuts, in particular, due to their hot and warm nature, maintains the nervous system in motion and keeps the mind and body healthy.
Experts believe that walnuts and almonds reduce bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels and decrease inflammation. Almonds are a great source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium as well as walnuts, which are rich in omega-3s. They are renowned for their medicinal properties and antioxidants, and dates are a good source of minerals, vitamins iron, and fiber. They also function as natural sweeteners. The addition of nuts to your morning or evening snack will help increase your endurance during the frigid winter.



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