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People mistook the strange thing flying in the sky for UFO! Experts told the reality of the flying saucer 

Under Shakti Knowledge’s series ‘Aliens Existence’, we bring to you such news related to aliens and their world which either go viral or are revealed by scientists. Today we will tell about an incident related to Las Vegas of America in which it is being claimed that people have seen UFO (UFO in Las Vegas).

Experts have refuted the point of being a UFO. (Photo: Twitter/HotHeadBrett; second photo: symbolic, from Canva)

There are so many strange things in the world and humans do not have the answer to all those things. But there are some things that have answers but we feel that they are things beyond those answers. Recently, a similar incident took place in a city in America which explains the similar thinking of the people. Here people saw a strange thing in the sky, so they linked it to aliens (Alien UFOs in America) and flying saucers, but now experts have told the reality of that UFO.

Under shakti Knowledge’s series ‘Aliens Existence’, we bring you such news related to aliens and their world which either goes viral or are revealed by scientists. Aliens have become such a topic in today’s time that many people believe in their existence and many people feel that they do not exist. But when there is a strange experience with people, then their first attention goes towards the aliens as recently in America’s Las Vegas (UFO spotted in Las Vegas).

There is a #ufo above Sapphire Las Vegas right now!

— Brett Feinstein (@HotHeadBrett) December 23, 2022

People claim to have seen UFOs
Here people saw some strange thing flying in the sky. Twitter user Brett Feinstein (@HotHeadBrett) tweeted a video of this incident on December 23, which is going viral. This video has got more than 10 lakh views. In the video, 3-4 red-colored spots are visible in the black sky. Such spots spread in the middle of the sky are really strange. People also said in the comments that they too saw it and they also think that they are aliens. But the truth is something else. 

This happens because light pillars
According to the report of The Hill website, experts have claimed that this is not a UFO, it is a weather-related phenomenon. The official of the National Weather Service of Las Vegas said that the light hidden in the clouds was not moving from its place and the temperature of the clouds must have been very cold, due to which it can be assumed that the light that was seen was actually light. be pillars. When small pieces of ice float near the clouds in the sky, light collides with them. Colliding with each other, they give such an effect that they are flying glasses in the sky.



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