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Alia Bhatt was seen giving milk to her daughter Raha After seeing the viral picture, many fans were confused. Here’s the truth! 

Alia Bhatt Baby Face Reveals: A picture of Alia Bhatt is going viral on social media. In this viral picture, she is seen feeding milk to the little angel. The face of Alia’s daughter Raha has been revealed in this picture. People believe so. 

Alia Bhatt and her daughter’s picture went viral on social media. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Mumbai. Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Kapoor’s daughter Raha has been more than a month old. But the couple has not shown even a glimpse of the daughter to the fans. Ranbir and Alia have maintained the Bollywood trend of showing face. But Alia has made a mistake, as happened with Anushka Sharma. Anushka had been hiding her daughter’s face for years, but during a match, her daughter’s face came in front of the whole world. Now the face of Alia’s daughter has also been seen. 

Actually, a picture of Alia Bhatt is going viral on social media. In this picture, Alia is seen feeding milk to their daughter Raha. People are sharing this picture and telling them that this is Alia’s daughter. Alia can be seen in a red saree in this viral picture. Some people are believing it to be true.
Although some people have doubts about this picture being true or fake. But here we are telling you the truth about this viral picture of Alia. This picture is completely fake. Someone photoshopped it very clearly and then shared it on social media.
This picture of Alia Bhatt is fake. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)
There is another woman wearing a red saree, whose face has been morphed into that of Alia Bhatt. This woman is seen feeding milk to a child. Earlier, a photoshopped picture and fake video from the hospital claiming to be of Aaliyah and her daughter had also gone viral on social media.

Please tell that Alia gave birth to daughter Raha on 6 November. Ever since his birth, fans have been appealing to show Raha’s face. However, till now Aaliya has not revealed the face of her daughter.



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