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Breakfast Aloo Matar Sandwich Recipe: Make Aloo Matar Sandwich for breakfast, it will be ready in a jiffy

Aloo Matar Sandwich Recipe: You can easily make Aloo Matar Sandwich in the morning or evening for breakfast. This is a special recipe of Ahmedabad.

Prep time

Cooking time



45 Minutes

15 Minutes

4 People


Aloo Matar Sandwich.
⏩ A little sugar is also added to the potato peas sandwich.
⏩Aloo Matar sandwich can be a good option for breakfast.
Aloo Matar Sandwich Recipe: Potatoes are found in everyone’s kitchen. If there is nothing in the house, potatoes act as a ‘rescue vegetable’ and most people also like to eat potatoes. Many types of dishes can be made from this. Potatoes are used in parathas, vegetables, cutlets, kebabs, and sandwiches.

Today we will tell you the recipe for Ahmedabad’s special Aloo Matar Sandwich. You can easily make Aloo Matar Sandwich for morning or evening breakfast. Come, let us know how to make Aloo Matar Sandwich…

What are the requirements for making Aloo Matar Sandwich?
πŸŒ‘ 500 grams of potatoes

πŸŒ‘ 250 grams fresh boiled peas

πŸŒ‘ 100 grams of butter

πŸŒ‘ Β½ cup tomato sauce

πŸŒ‘ 1 tbsp red chili powder

πŸŒ‘ 1 tsp turmeric

πŸŒ‘ salt to taste

πŸŒ‘ 1 tsp green chili paste

πŸŒ‘ 1 tsp garam masala

πŸŒ‘ 1 tsp cumin

πŸŒ‘ 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste

πŸŒ‘ 1 tsp sugar

πŸŒ‘ Half a cup of finely chopped coriander leaves

πŸŒ‘ 1 cup green chutney
How to make Aloo Matar Sandwich
To make Aloo Matar Sandwich, cut the raw potatoes into very small pieces. After this, put 2 spoons of butter in a pan and heat it. Add cumin, garlic-ginger paste, and chili to it and cook. Now add chopped potatoes, turmeric powder, and salt to it and mix. When the masala mixes well, add half a cup of water to it. Don’t add too much water. Cook, it covered on low flame.
When it is cooked, take two bread slices and spread butter and chutney on them. After this spread the potato-peas curry. Similarly, prepare the rest of the sandwiches. Now take a griddle and apply ghee to it. Now roast the sandwich properly from both sides. Serve them with chutney and ketchup. Must try this dish once.



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