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America | flight cancellations today | american airlines cancels flights | heavy snowfall | snowfall heavy | snowfall

America: Torture by heavy snowfall! The temperature was minus – 21,000 flights were canceled. 

Heavy Snowfall in America: Heavy snowfall in America is troubling. Along with bus, and train services, flights have also been affected. More than 2,270 American flights were canceled on Thursday due to bad weather. In many places, the temperature has gone to minus. On Thursday in Chicago’s O’Hare, the temperature dropped to -13 degrees Celsius around 5 pm.

American Airlines canceled around 2,270 US flights as of 6 pm on Thursday. (representative picture)

  • Heavy snowfall spoils the Christmas holidays in America
  • Nearly 2,270 US flights were canceled on Thursday
  • Train and bus services were also affected due to heavy snowfall

Washington. It is the season of the Christmas festival in America. People are on holiday during this time. But the heavy snowfall has ruined the holiday plans of the people. More than 2,270 American flights were canceled due to heavy snowfall and freezing cold on Thursday before the Christmas holidays. Due to continuous heavy snowfall, the temperature has dropped significantly. Along with the rain, winds are also blowing. It has also affected bus and train services. All travel options have been disrupted. 

According to CNN, according to flight tracking site FlightAware, American Airlines canceled more than 2,270 US flights as of 6 p.m. Thursday. At the same time, about 1,000 flights were canceled for Friday. 85 flights had already been canceled for Saturday. There was a lot of delay in flights on Thursday, this delay affected 7,400 flights.
The worst affected are Chicago and Denver, according to FlightAware data, with hundreds of flights canceled at each airport on Thursday. Flights at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport were delayed by an average of 159 minutes on Thursday, according to a notice from the Federal Aviation Administration. The temperature in O Hare had dropped to -13 degree Celsius around 5 pm.
Planes departing at Dallas Love, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, and Minneapolis airports are also requiring spraying of de-icing liquid for safe travel. Meanwhile, several airlines have also offered travel changes without penalty to passengers given the inclement weather, adding that those whose flights are yet to depart may be asked to reach airports earlier than usual for security reasons. has been requested.



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