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How are scientists preparing flying robots like flying snakes? 

Seeing the great potential of flying snakes, American scientists are working on developing robots like them. They are trying to make such a robot by deeply studying the body of these flying snakes and the movements of their body parts while flying, which can make long jumps while gliding cleanly like them…

For the first time, an attempt is being made to make a robot like Flying Snakes. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The work of designing robots to do human work (Robots designed like Humans) is being done for a long time. Some robots are also designed to perform special activities like an animal (Robots like Animals), then there are no airplanes, but drones can be called flying robots like birds, and many drones even have the shape of birds. are made like In the new study, scientists have thought even further and they are developing robots like flying snakes, which will be able to fly like these snakes.

Amazing flying ability!
Flying snakes have the ability to make long jumps in the air while gliding, which makes them appear to be flying. Looking at the combination of their ability and their special shape, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech in Physics of Fluids of AIP Publications have studied the flying system of flying snakes and developed robots.
Very efficient and fast
These snakes glide very effectively and fast from trees to the ground to escape from predatory animals. This type of locomotion gives them the ability to glide over long distances, allowing them to travel from towers of about 15 meters to 25 meters. That’s why from the beginning they have been called flying snakes, whereas, in reality, they can only jump.
In-depth study of snake movement
Researchers have developed a kind of computational model to understand this kind of unique bouncy movement of these snakes. He has made this on the basis of the data that he got after studying the videos of these flying snakes in depth. In this paradigm, he has made a detailed study of the body shape of snakes and their activities.
Like a freebie disc
The body of the snake is like a long flying disc. Till now, to understand the flying activity of snakes, scientists try to understand the cross-section of their bodies. In a frisbee, the flying saucer or disc creates a greater air pressure below it and pulls the air above it, due to which it rises up in the air. Snakes also work on a similar system.



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