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This car coming back in a new avatar after 50 years, it was every Indian’s dream to buy it

Kinetic has commenced production for the electric avatar of the Luna. It can be launched soon in the Indian market. The company will make 5,000 units of it daily. 

KEL launched Luna exactly 50 years ago. (Shakti Knowledge)

  • Luna will be launched in an electric avatar after 50 years.
  • E-Luna will launch Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions.
  • This will also help the company to increase its presence in the EV segment.

New Delhi. Kinetic Group is once again going to launch its popular model Moped Luna in the Indian market. This Luna will be launched in an electric avatar. The company said on Monday that the e-Luna will soon be launched by Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions. This information has been revealed in a regulatory filing by Kinetic Engineering.

Kinetic Engineering Limited (KEL) has started the production of chassis and other assemblies for the electric avatar of Luna. The company has developed all major subassemblies for the e-Luna, including the main chassis, main stand, side stand, and swing arm, and set up a production line with an initial capacity of 5,000 sets per month.

The company used to sell 2 thousand Luna daily
Ajinkya Firodia, Managing Director, KEL said, “We expect this business to grow to over Rs 30 crore annually in the next 2-3 years, as e-Luna volumes increase. This will also help KEL to increase its presence in the EV segment.” Firodia further added, “When the sales of Luna were the highest, the company was selling more than 2,000 units of Luna per day. I am sure it will do very well in its new avatar.”
Launched 50 years ago
Firodia further added, “KEL is emerging as a one-stop shop for all major mechanical sub-assemblies for electric two and three-wheeler vehicles, which has seen rapid growth in the last 12 months.” KEL launched Luna exactly 50 years ago. The cost of which was Rs 2,000 then. At that time it was known as the most efficient, economical, and convenient mode of transport for India. 
The work of making mopeds is starting again
The Luna became a popular moped in the 80s. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it held a 95 percent market share in its category. KEL said that all assemblies will be completely ready and the company’s Ahmednagar-based factory is being restarted. 




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