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Passengers will get facilities like an airport at this station, a new look is given, and history is 150 years old 

About Rs, 520 crores will be spent on giving makeovers to this station. Out of this, Rs 45 crore will be spent to give a new look to the yard.

Rs 520 crore will be spent on the makeover of this railway station. (Representational photo- Moneycontrol)

New Delhi. Bangalore Cantt is one of the oldest railway stations in the country. Keeping in view the increasing transportation needs of the city, this station is being given a makeover. Only one agency has been made responsible for the facelift of the station so that the work can be completed at the earliest. A deadline of 36 months has been given to finish this project. The work of its construction has been given to Delhi Varindra Construction Private Limited. The redevelopment of this station will be completed in 2 phases.

The yard work will be completed in the first phase. It will cost around Rs 45 crore. 4 new platforms will be built and 3 additional lines will be laid to handle the increasing number of trains. This will reduce some burden on KSR Bengaluru station. Apart from this, a foot-over bridge will also be built. A target has been set to complete the remodeling of the yard by February 2023.

The station will become like an airport
In the second phase, the station building will be rebuilt. It will be developed like an airport terminal. Its redevelopment is estimated to cost around Rs 480 crore. It will be prepared like a city center where apart from the movement of trains, many other business activities will also take place. The heritage impression of the existing building will be retained in the new building.
How will be the design?
This station will be given a modern look while preserving the heritage of Bangalore. The roof of the station will be made in the form of a sine wave which will show the motion and progress. To maintain the garden city image of Bangalore, the pillars supporting the roof will form a flower shape where they connect the roof. The structure connecting the individual pillars will form the shape of a flute. The Cantt Station Road will be moved away from the station so that outside traffic can be facilitated.
Station history
Bangalore Cantt station started operations in 1860. About 150 years after the beginning of this station, it is being given a makeover. The foundation stone for the redevelopment of this station was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2020.



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