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The person used to watch World Cup matches sitting the whole night, one day he got paralyzed on his face! 

Man Suffers Facial Paralysis: A 26-year-old man living in China was so fond of the World Cup that he used to watch the match sitting the whole night. One day this hobby of his gave him a big punishment and he got paralyzed on his face.

A good person is now neither able to speak properly nor eat or drink. (Credit- Pixabay/Indicative picture)

Facial Paralysis for Staying Up In Nights: Everyone is fond of different things. While some people are fond of watching movies, some are also addicted to watching serials on TV. By the way, people who are fond of sports, if there is an event, they unite day and night to watch it. One such person sacrificed his health to watch the match. A good person is now neither able to speak properly nor eat or drink. 

This story is about a 26-year-old man from China, who stayed awake for many nights watching football matches of the World Cup. Although this is a very exciting time for all football fans, this man’s hobby has given him a big punishment and he got paralyzed on his face. We are telling you about addiction with an example, but this person himself became an example and mixed poison in his life.
Watched the match awake for 7 nights
Mr. Cao, living in Wuhan, China, wasted not one or two but seven nights watching the World Cup game and he got into such trouble, which was not thought of. For 7 consecutive days, he used to come home directly from the office at 6 pm and sit to watch the match. He used to watch the match till 6 in the morning and after a few hours, he used to get ready and go to the office. Due to lack of sleep, the person started feeling tired. He felt very tired after waking up on 30th November. He was thinking about work after taking some rest in the office, but his body was not moving.
Paralyzed in the face
At one point, Kao felt that his lips started turning to one side and he could not even blink his eyelids. When the symptoms started increasing gradually, he decided to go to the hospital. There the doctors told him that his face had become like this due to a paralysis attack. Doctors believe that due to continued lack of sleep and cold weather, he has been paralyzed in the face. Although his treatment is going on and the doctors are also expecting recovery soon.



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