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Beds run out in the hospital, and dead bodies pile up in the crematorium! China exposed on deaths from Corona 

Due to the Corona Virus Epidemic in China, the situation is very worrying, but contrary to reality, China is claiming something else. China has always been hiding the deaths due to corona and the number of its patients.

Due to increasing corona cases in China, the system has collapsed. (Indicative picture- PTI)

  • Health service stalled in China, a huge shortage of health workers
  • The situation became uncontrollable due to the number of patients
  • There is no place to keep the dead bodies, the government is hiding the reality

New Delhi. Due to the Coronavirus infection in China, the situation has become uncontrollable and the government’s system has collapsed. There is no place for patients in hospitals, nor medicines and other arrangements. At the same time, there is a huge shortage of doctors, nurses, and health workers. The holidays of health workers, officers, and all others have been canceled indefinitely. It has been made mandatory to attend work even after falling ill. Here, there are heaps of dead bodies on the cremation grounds.

The government is carrying the dead bodies in containers. Photos and videos of all these facts are being shared on social media, proving China’s claims to be hollow. China has claimed that the lowest number of deaths in the world have occurred in China. China’s National Health Authority has said that the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the country is the lowest compared to other countries in the world.

辽宁鞍山,12月26日晚。这只是一部分。外面还有。 pic.twitter.com/oBcxmi82vg

— ✝️Trần Minh (@ARminhTran) December 27, 2022

China has said that saving people’s lives is the top priority and no laxity is being done in this. All the arrangements are fine and there is no problem of any kind. People are getting timely treatment and medicines and there is no problem with the health department due to Corona. 

China has officially reported two deaths in Beijing during the latest Covid surge but crematoriums are saying they’ve run out of space to put the bodies. #china pic.twitter.com/KSgzfJOUAU

— China Uncensored (@ChinaUncensored) December 22, 2022

‘5 lakh positive cases come in China every day, Chinese officials denied this claim
Xu Wenbo, a Chinese CDC official, said that the delta variant is not prevalent in China, and no delta variant has been found to correlate with the Omicron variant. Xu Wembo said that since December, China has detected nine sub-variants of the coronavirus, all belonging to the Omicron strain. This news has come to the fore at a time when recently a Chinese health officer claimed that 5 lakh cases of coronavirus are being reported every day. The statement of this health officer was immediately censored. 



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