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Female wrestlers making crores of rupees. Disgusting video; career destroyed, and sudden death 

There are many celebrities in the sports world whose one step ruined both their career and life, something similar was done by a female wrestler. 

Male wrestlers were also in awe of this female wrestler.

New Delhi. There are many athletes in this world who are very talented and that is why they are showered with lots of money and love from their fans. However, very few of these players are able to digest this success and end their careers with respect. Today we will tell you about a female athlete who was the number 1 female wrestler in the world. There was so much power in her that even male wrestlers were afraid of her. We are talking about WWE Superstar (Chyna), who earned crores of rupees on the basis of her talent, but one of her mistakes took both her career and life. 

Chyna career
Chyna’s real name was Joanne Laurer. This female wrestler started practice in 1995 and on February 16, 1997, Chyna debuted in WWE. Chyna was the first female wrestler to compete with men. In 1999, Chyna won the Intercontinental title of WWF. In 2000, Chyna won the King of the Ring title and she became a star in the whole world. In the year 2001, Chyna resigned from WWF. The fans felt very sad when Chyna suddenly resigned in this way. No one could know the real reason for this, although it is believed that WWF had offered Chyna $400,000 a year but she wanted a contract of $1 million. After WWF, Chyna signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling, although she did not last long there.

Chyna became an adult actress
In the year 2004, Chyna made an adult video with her boyfriend, which was viewed the most in the whole world. Chyna also worked in TV series and Hollywood films. Chyna did 15 films and he played in about 20 TV series.
Death in 2016
On 30 April 2016, Chyna was found dead at her home. According to the police report, he had accidentally taken more drugs which became the reason for his death. Chyna’s postmortem report revealed that he died on 17 April 2016 and he had taken many drugs along with alcohol due to which he died.



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