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Covid 19: Goa, Uttarakhand, or… planning to go somewhere on New Year? So know in which state what is the advisory regarding Corona 

New Year Celebration Coronavirus Advisory: Preparations for New Year celebrations have been completed everywhere in the country. A plan has been made for people to visit. But the fear of Corona is also haunting. In such a situation, we are going to tell you at which places what guidelines have been issued regarding Covid-19. So that you do not have any kind of inconvenience. 

In view of the New Year celebrations, many states have issued Corona Advisory. (File photo)

  • In view of the celebration of the new year, guidelines have been issued by the Government of Karnataka.
  • At present, no restrictions have been imposed on tourists regarding Corona in Goa.
  • In Himachal, people have been asked to wear masks and follow the rules of social distancing.

New Delhi. Corona in China has created havoc in China. Even in India, the government is now on alert mode. Seeing the situation in China, the fear of corona in India has started increasing in the country as well. Although people have a lot of enthusiasm about the new year. If you are also planning to travel in the new year, then you need to be alert and careful. Also, knowing the guidelines (covid-19 guidelines) issued for where you are going, you should also follow them.

These guidelines for Karnataka
In view of the celebration of the new year, guidelines have been issued by the Government of Karnataka. Here it has been made mandatory to wear masks inside closed places like restaurants, pubs, theater halls, schools, and colleges. It is believed that the celebration of the new year can go on till 1 am. On this, Karnataka Health Minister K.K. Sudhakar has said that there is no need to panic, but we should be careful from now on.
According to the advisory issued by the state government, pregnant women, children, elderly citizens, and people with health problems should avoid going to public places. Apart from this, it has also been said in the issued advisory that whatever events are being held indoors, the number of people should not be more than the number of seats available. 
People of Delhi take note…
The Delhi government seems to be very active regarding Corona in the country’s capital. On Monday, Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia held a high-level review meeting regarding the situation in Kovid. In this, he also took stock of the preparations regarding Kovid. Earlier Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had also held an emergency meeting on the situation of Kovid. During this, he had said that the Delhi government is fully prepared to deal with any possible surge in cases.
This is the condition of Goa
A large crowd gathers to celebrate the new year in Goa. In view of this, the state government has not imposed any kind of restriction here. The government has decided that no restrictions related to Corona will be implemented in the state. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced after a high-level meeting that there will be no restrictions in the state till January 1, 2023. However, after reviewing the situation, the state government will decide whether any restrictions related to Kovid are required or not. 
Guidelines issued in Himachal
Lakhs of tourists reach Himachal to celebrate the new year. In view of the crowd, the state government has issued guidelines to follow Covid-appropriate behavior. In the issued guidelines, people have been asked to wear masks and follow the rules of social distancing. Along with this, hotel and restaurant owners have also been asked to ensure that people follow this guideline.
Full preparation in Uttarakhand as well
Uttarakhand is also a tourist place. Here too, almost all the preparations have been done for the celebration of the new year. However, Corona has affected hotel bookings. Here too, guidelines have been issued for using masks and following social distancing. Even the CMO has been instructed to properly check the oxygen generation plant, and oxygen cylinders installed in all the hospitals.



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