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Corona advisory for international passengers. Thermal scanning and random testing will take place    

Thermal scanning and random corona test will be done for some passengers coming to India from international flights. The central government told that this action will start on 24 December. Such passengers in each flight will be selected by the respective airlines. 

Some of the passengers of international flights will be tested for corona. (Representative photo)

  • Passengers coming from international flights will have a corona test
  • Action will start on December 24, and random tests will be done
  • Only the concerned airlines will select the passengers for each flight.
New Delhi. Corona advisory has been issued for international passengers. According to this, passengers coming from abroad will first have to undergo thermal scanning and random testing at the airport. After this, if symptoms of corona are found, then it will have to be isolated. The Government of India has taken this step due to the rapidly spreading corona infection. It has been said that there will be a corona test of those suspected passengers at the airport, in whom any symptoms are visible. Apart from this, the random test of about 2 percent of the total passengers will also be done.

The Union Health Ministry has written a letter to the Civil Aviation Ministry in this regard. An official letter said, “Up to two percent of the total passengers in each flight will undergo random testing at the airport after arrival.” Such passengers in each flight will be selected by the respective airlines. According to the advisory, international passengers will have to follow social distancing at the airport. When they enter inside the airport, their health officer will do the thermal screening. During this, if symptoms are found, then they will be given tests and treatment. Such passengers will be isolated. At the same time, it has been said in the advisory that all international passengers will have to follow the corona protocol.
Five main points of advisory

1- There will be a random corona test of 2 percent of the international passengers.

2- The respective airlines will randomly select their passengers for the test. After giving the sample, passengers will be allowed to go out of the airport.
3- When the report of passengers comes positive, its sample will be sent for genome sequencing.
4- Positive passengers will be isolated under the Corona Protocol.
5- All passengers should take care of themselves. Also, if there are symptoms, it should be reported.



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