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50% of the passengers of 2 flights from China were found to be corona infected… So Italy and US made Covid test mandatory

China Covid Crisis: Even though China says that its Covid infection is ‘predictable and under control’, but after Beijing suddenly removed the restrictions implemented under the zero-covid policy, the rising corona infection there posed a global threat. Is. Amid the Corona crisis, the United States has also imposed a temporary ban on Chinese travelers.

Italy has made the corona test mandatory for flights coming from China after more than 50 percent of the passengers of two flights that reached Milan from Beijing were found to be corona infected. (File Photo)

Milan: Italy has made the Corona test mandatory for flights coming from China. This decision has been taken after more than 50% of passengers were found to be corona positive during the investigation in 2 flights from Beijing to Milan. Even though China says that its Covid infection is ‘predictable and under control’, but after Beijing’s sudden removal of restrictions implemented under the Zero-Covid Policy, the growing corona infection there poses a global threat. Have given. Amid the Corona crisis, the United States has also made the Corona test mandatory for Chinese travelers (Mandatory Covid Test for Chinese Travelers). It has become the 5th country in the world to do so.

Lombardy’s Regional Counselor Guido Bertolasso told the media, “35 (38%) of the 92 passengers of the first flight that reached China is Covid positive.” Out of 120 passengers on the second flight, 62 (52%) have been found corona infected. Japan and India have started RT-PCR tests at the airport itself for passengers coming from China. Although there is no direct flight service between India and China, yet this step has been taken as a precautionary measure. From January 8, China is going to end the mandatory quarantine system for passengers coming here. This step of Beijing has been welcomed by Chinese citizens with enthusiasm. There has been a sharp jump in the booking of international flights.

US health officials said on Wednesday that new steps are being taken together with India, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan after China decided to remove zero-covid policies. Under this, from January 5, it will be mandatory for all air passengers aged 2 years and above to show Corona negative reports 2 days before departure from China, Hong Kong, or Macao. Central officials said that passengers who are found positive 10 days before the flight can present documents of recovery from Corona. US officials expressed concern that new strains of the virus could develop as a result of the rising number of Covid cases in China.

According to international health experts, after widespread public protests, China was forced to decide to end the zero covid policy. While living under restrictions, people there became susceptible to the virus, and they could not develop immunity against coronavirus. When the restrictions were lifted, people were suddenly exposed to the virus and COVID-19 started spreading uncontrollably on a large scale. According to Bloomberg’s report, in the first 20 days of December in China, more than 250 million people have been infected with corona and more than one million deaths have occurred. But China is hiding the figures. Now it has even stopped releasing official figures. Some of the world’s leading epidemiologists believe that in January, more than 40 lakh corona infected can be found every day in China.




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