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Breakfast Recipe: If bored of eating plain dosa, then make Tasty Sabudana Dosa for breakfast 

Breakfast Recipe: South Indian Food Dosa has become very popular now. Now it is also being made for breakfast. If you are bored of eating plain dosa, then you can try Sabudana Dosa for breakfast. Apart from being nutritious, it also remains light in digestion.

Prep time

Cooking time



15 minutes

25 minutes

8 people



Sabudana Dosa Recipe.

⏩ Sago dosa can be prepared and eaten during fasting also.
⏩ Dosa is a South Indian food dish that has become very popular.

Sabudana Dosa Recipe: Many types of food dishes are prepared from sago and sago dosa is also one of them. Sabudana dosa is tasty as well as nutritious. Sabudana dosa can be made for breakfast. Dosa is South Indian food but now it has become very popular all over the country. If you are bored of eating traditional dosa and want to try a new recipe, then you can try Sabudana Dosa once. Sabudana dosa can also be eaten as a fruit during fasting.

Sabudana dosa is not only delicious, but it also is not difficult to make. Sabudana Dosa is a favorite among people of all ages. If you want to make Sabudana Dosa for breakfast, then you can easily prepare it with the help of our mentioned recipe.

Ingredients to make Sabudana Dosa
Sabudana – 2 bowls
Peanut seeds – 1 bowl
Paneer – 50 grams
Green chili – 3-4
Green coriander – 2 tbsp
Ginger piece – 1 inch
Red chili powder – 1 tsp
Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Oil – 4 tbsp
Rock salt – as per taste
How to make Sabudana Dosa
To make Sabudana Dosa, first, clean the Sabudana and then wash it two to three times. After this, soak it in water and keep it for 2 hours. Now crush the cottage cheese in a bowl and add some rock salt and black pepper powder to it, mix and keep aside. Now put peanuts, ginger, and green chilies in the mixer jar. Grind them after pouring some water on top and mix green coriander on top.
Now put peanut paste and soaked sago in a vessel, mix well and prepare the batter. Now take a nonstick pan/griddle and keep it on medium heat for heating. When the griddle becomes hot, put some oil on its bottom and spread it all around. After this, take the batter in a bowl and put it in the center of the griddle, and spread it in a circular motion. 
Now let the dosa roast on one side for a few seconds, after that turn the dosa over. After applying oil on the other side, roast the dosa from the other side. When the dosa turns golden brown from both sides, put the paneer stuffing in the center and fold the dosa from both sides and close it and take it out on a plate. Similarly, prepare Sabudana dosa from all the batter one by one. Tasty Sabudana Dosa is ready for breakfast. You can serve them with chutney.



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