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Do not do this work even by mistake if you are in front of a leopard in society, life may be in danger 

A message flashed in the group of Ajnara Lee Garden Housing Society at 9.17 am on Tuesday, in which it was written that a leopard has been seen in the park of the society. Therefore, all the residents are requested to stay in their homes. Due to this people are scared. 

There is an atmosphere of fear among the residents due to the news of a leopard entering a housing society in Greater Noida. (symbolic photo)

  • Leopard saw near Ajnara Lee Garden Housing Society.
  • The forest department team is constantly trying to find the leopard.

New Delhi. At present, there is an atmosphere of fear in the society of Greater Noida in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, adjacent to the national capital Delhi, due to Leopard. Parents are worried about their children, while those whose family members return from the office late at night, they are also worried that the leopard may attack the person after finding them alone at night. There was chaos in the Ajnara li Housing Society located in Greater Noida West on Tuesday morning when people suddenly saw a leopard. 

Actually, many societies are lying vacant in Greater Noida. At the same time, construction work is going on in many societies and people living in the apartments next to it are living in fear. Actually, wild animals often enter residential areas. In such a situation, if you have an encounter with any wild animal, then it is very important for you to know what you will do in such a situation. Because your one mistake can put your life at risk. That’s why you need to know what to do and what not to do when you come face to face with any kind of wild animal.
Do not tease wild animals standing far away
First of all, be aware of the news around you and be alert. It is not that you just heard about the animal entering and start living in fear. this is wrong. So keep yourself updated. Apart from this, any wild animal whether it is a leopard or a lion, most wild animals do not have the nature to attack humans unless they feel threatened by you. 
Make a loud noise when you see a wild animal
Whenever a lion, leopard, or cheetah attacks you, do not run away. Because they run faster than you. Instead, you should find a place to hide as soon as possible so that he cannot find you. Apart from this, if any wild animal is at a distance from you, then shout loudly, clap, or make any kind of loud noise. 
Avoid Leopard Eye Contact
The most important thing is that do not look into the eyes of any wild animal, it takes it as a challenge and can attack. Apart from this, if a leopard enters your flat, immediately lock yourself and your family members in a separate room and inform other people immediately.



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