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People suffering from diabetes and these 4 health conditions should not consume green peas 

Green peas: There are many health benefits of green peas, but eating them can also cause some disadvantages. People suffering from certain health conditions should consume them in limited quantities like diabetes, bloating, kidney problems, obesity, etc.

Disadvantages of eating green peas. (image-Canva)

  • Green peas contain dietary fiber, starch, and phytochemicals.
  • Green peas can have many health benefits and some disadvantages too.
  • They should be eaten in limited quantities for diabetes, bloating, kidney problems, and obesity.

Green peas: Green peas are not only tasty but also have many health benefits. This is the reason why people like to include them in their diet. They are believed to contain dietary fiber, starch, protein, vitamins, and beneficial phytochemicals. Due to which eating them is very beneficial for health. But, its consumption is not considered beneficial in many health conditions such as diabetes. Diabetes patients should avoid consuming them, because they contain a lot of carbohydrates, due to which the sugar level can increase. Apart from diabetes, people suffering from some other health conditions should also not consume green peas. Let’s know about these health conditions. 

For these health conditions, patients should not eat green peas
Green peas are an important vegetable according to Healthline. It contains fiber and antioxidants. It has some advantages, but there can be some disadvantages as well. Let us know which patients with health conditions should not eat them or should eat them in limited quantities: 
Bloating- If you have a problem with bloating, constipation, or gas, then consuming green peas in excess can make your condition worse. In such a situation, people suffering from these problems should avoid consuming them.
Kidney problems- Green peas have high protein content. Therefore, consuming it in excess affects the functioning of the kidney and can lead to kidney problems. Kidney patients should also take them in limited quantities. 
Obesity- Even if you want to lose weight, you should not consume green peas or eat them less. Consuming green peas in excess can lead to sudden weight gain and fat build-up.
Joint pain- If someone has a problem with high uric acid, then they too should not eat it. Because, eating more green peas can increase the uric acid level, which can cause joint pain.



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