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Why salary allowances of Himachal MLAs more than MLAs of Gujarat 

The results of the assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have come. If BJP gets a huge majority in Gujarat then the Congress government is going to be formed in Himachal but do you know how much salary the MLAs who win in these elections will get. How much money will he get from the state governments as allowances?

Assembly building of Himachal Pradesh (photo Himachal govt)

⏩ Congress wins in Himachal Pradesh but who knows the salary of its MLAs
⏩ About 04 years ago, the salary of MLAs increased in both Gujarat and Himachal.
⏩ Why there is no equality in the salaries of MLAs to Ministers in different states
Assembly elections have been held in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. If the BJP won with a thumping majority in Gujarat, then in Himachal Pradesh Congress secured a majority to form the government. Do you know that the salaries and allowances of the elected MLAs in Gujarat are less than the equivalent leaders in Himachal Pradesh? By the way, it is true that there is a difference in the salary and allowances of the MLAs in every state in the country.

By the way, there was an increase in the salary and allowances of the MLAs around the year 2017 in both states. After this, there was a cut in the salary of MLAs and MPs across the country during the Corona period, which has now been restored again.
How much has the salary increased in Himachal now?
The Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh has 68 members. Now there will be 40 MLAs of Congress and 25 of BJP, then 03 independents have also won in the elections. In the year 2017, the Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh increased it by introducing a resolution related to salary hikes, which became applicable there on 22 December 2016.
Congress has secured a majority in Himachal Pradesh and its government will be formed. Himachal Pradesh is included in those states, where the salary of MLAs is much better than in many states. (representative picture)
Which article of the constitution allows
In Article 106 and Article 195 of the Constitution, MLAs, and MPs have been given the right to salary and emoluments. Also, it can be amended. Under this, from time to time across the country, from the states to the center, the salaries and allowances of their public representatives have been increased.

What are basic salary and allowances?
Accordingly, the salary and allowances of the MLAs were increased from Rs 1.32 lakh to Rs 2.10 lakh. Now let’s know how much is his basic salary in this and what he gets on account of allowances. Earlier, the basic salary of the MLA in Himachal Pradesh was Rs 30,000, which has been increased to Rs 55,000. Also, the Constituency Allowance was increased from Rs 30,000 to Rs 90,000.

Rs 2.5 lakh travel is also free
Along with this, office allowance was increased from 10,000 to 30,000, then 12,000 was increased to 15,000 under the head of computer data entry operator. Apart from this, the daily allowance has been increased from 1500 to 1800 in the event of the session going on in the assembly. The item of traveling by train also increased annually. According to this, any MLA of Himachal can get the free train or air travel up to Rs 2.5 lakh annually.

The salary of MLAs in Gujarat has increased four years ago but their salary is less than the salary of MLAs in Himachal.
If you stay in the government building
The form issued by the Himachal government on 03 February 2020 also informs that if the MLA, Minister, Chief Minister, or Speaker stays in Himachal Bhawan or Himachal Sadan, then the rent for them will be Rs 200 per day, but if they stay in them for private travel If yes, then this fare will be 500 rupees.

What is celery in Gujarat and when did it grow
Now let’s look at the salary of the MLAs of Gujarat, which seems less in comparison to the MLAs of Himachal Pradesh. Salaries and allowances of MLAs in Gujarat have increased in the year 2018. Earlier he used to get Rs 70,727 per month including salary and allowances, now it has been increased to Rs 1.16 lakh. By the way, his basic salary is Rs 78,800.

The rent of MLA’s hostel is surprising
Now the daily allowance has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs 1000 in case of his session, then the expenses of personal assistant have been increased from Rs 3000 to Rs 20,000, then he will get Rs 7000 as telephone allowance and Rs 7000 as stationery expenses per month. . There are hostels for MLAs to stay in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, where they can stay. You may be surprised to know about their daily rent here, it is only Rs 1.25 per day.
Every state can decide the salary of its MLAs and ministers
Now the question arises that why is it that the salaries and allowances of the MLAs of Himachal Pradesh are higher than that of their counterparts in Gujarat. Actually deciding this and increasing the salary emoluments is completely a matter of the state, that state can decide in its own way. He himself has to make the proposal for this increase and then pass it. There is no role of the center in this.



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