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himachal pradesh election 2022 | Himachal Election Result 2022 | BJP | Congress | election results himachal pradesh

Himachal Election Result 2022: These 5 seats of Himachal Pradesh are high profile, and everyone is eyeing them 

Everyone’s eyes are on the high-profile seats in Himachal Pradesh Election. Kangra, Chamba, Mandi, Dharampuri, and Bilaspur are such seats that have an impact on other seats of the state, while they have also been playing the role of kingmakers. There has been a tough fight between Congress and the BJP here.

Everyone’s eyes are on some seats in Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla. There is still confusion about the results of the high-profile seats of Himachal Pradesh. The results of the Himachal assembly elections will be declared on December 8 and it will be clear which party will form the government here. There was a tough fight between the BJP and Congress during the elections. According to exit polls, both Congress and BJP can win the battle of power. In the poll of polls, Bharatiya Janata Party is expected to get 33 seats, Congress 26, and others 2 seats. However, the most noteworthy thing in this election was the tough competition on high-profile seats. Everyone’s eye is on what will be the result in Bilaspur, the hometown of BJP President JP Nadda.

These are the 5 high profile seats on which all eyes are set
Bilaspur. All eyes are on the Bilaspur Assembly seat of Himachal Pradesh. Here, Subhash Thakur, who was very close to BJP national president JP Nadda, has contested as an independent candidate after not getting the ticket. The BJP has fielded Trilok Jamwal from here, who has also held the post of political advisor to the CM in the Jairam Thakur government. JP Nadda contested the last election of 2007 from this seat and won by defeating independent candidate Bamber Thakur by a margin of 11,181 votes. In 2012, this seat went to the account of Congress. But the BJP had captured it once again in the last elections.
Dharampur: Dharampur Assembly Seat of Himachal Pradesh is such an assembly coming under Mandi district and Hamirpur Lok Sabha constituency where Mahender Singh has been winning elections for three consecutive times on a BJP ticket. The important thing is that Mahendra Singh is the MLA from this seat since 1990. But this time the BJP has cut his ticket and fielded his son Rajat Thakur (BJP Rajat Thakur) as a candidate in his place. At the same time, Congress has expressed confidence only in the old face of Chandra Shekhar. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on this seat.
Mandi: Mandi Assembly seat of Himachal Pradesh is one of the hot seats. Due to the supremacy of veteran Congress leader Pandit Sukhram, the BJP could not enter this seat till 2017. But in 2017, after Sukhram’s son Anil Sharma joined the BJP, the party occupied here after 32 years. BJP has once again fielded Anil Sharma in the election fray. Due to this, angry with BJP, Praveen Sharma is contesting as an independent, due to which difficulties have arisen for the party. Curiosity has increased about what will be the result here.
Kangra. The eyes of the country are on the Kangra seat of Himachal Pradesh. In the past 37 years since 1985, the government has been formed by the party to which Kangra has given its mandate. It is obvious that this time also Kangra will play the role of ‘King Maker’. Statistics show that once the party has tasted power in the Kangra district, the same party has been removed from power for the second time. Kangra district is also famous for vicissitudes. Kangra district is the largest district in the state in terms of population. Till 2002, there were 16 assembly seats here. After delimitation, 15 seats were left in Kangra in 2007. In terms of the total 68 seats in the state, a little more than a quarter of the seats are in the Kangra district.
Chamba: Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the interesting contest happening in the Chamba seat of Himachal Pradesh. The BJP has been winning here continuously in the elections of 2012 and 2017. While Neeraj Nayyar has been fielded by Congress, the BJP has given the ticket to his wife Neelam Nayyar after cutting the ticket of sitting MLA Pawan Nayyar. In the 2017 Chamba assembly elections, Pawan Nayyar of BJP and Neeraj Nair of INC were contesting. This time Pawan Nayyar contested on behalf of the BJP instead of the Indian National Congress, and after 2012, once again the Chamba assembly seat went into the hands of the Bharatiya Janata Party. In the 2012 elections, BK Chauhan of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tried his hand against Pawan Nayyar of the Indian National Congress (INC) from the Chamba assembly seat. And BK Chauhan won by a margin of 1934 votes.




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