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how to get blue tick on instagram hack | instagram blue tick | how to get blue tick on instagram | Easy way to get Blue Tick

Easy way to get Blue Tick on your Instagram account, follow these steps… 

Everyone wants to get a blue tick on social media. A blue tick makes it easy to identify the genuineness of the account. If you are an Instagram user and want to get Blue Tick then you can apply easily.

New Delhi. Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. Millions of people use Instagram today and share their photos and videos with people they know. By the way, while using Instagram, you must have seen that like Twitter and Facebook, here also some people have a blue tick on their profiles.
Along with posting photos on Instagram, the trend of making reels is also increasing very fast. Now people live in a lot of trends by making videos. Many times we do not understand which profile is fake and which is real.
A blue tick is useful to identify it. Yes, the blue tick means the account verified. In such a situation, the question must have arisen in your mind as to who and how gets the blue tick on Instagram. So let us tell you how to get a blue tick on Instagram.
Step 1- First of all, you have to open your Instagram ID and go to the profile section in it. Step 2- In this, click on the menu button on the right and select the setting option. Step 3- Here you will click on the account option, then you will see the option of request verification. Step 4- After clicking on this option, here you will have to fill in your required information and upload your ID, etc. along with it.
So in this way, your request for profile verification has reached Instagram and the company will now match your documents and your given information. While giving a blue tick here, the company also sees how active you are on Instagram, how many pictures and videos you share, and how many people are connected with you here. In this way, if everything is correct according to the company, then you will get a blue tick soon.


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