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Pakistan: Imran Khan surrounded in the dirty call leak case, ruckus on social media 

Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan has been embroiled in the call leak case. Users are giving many types of reactions on social media. At the same time, it is being claimed in the Pakistani media that the male voice in the call leak is that of Imran Khan.

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s name has allegedly surfaced in the call leak case.

⏩ Imran Khan surrounded by call leak scandal in Pakistan
⏩ Accusations rained on former PM, Imran Khan kept silent
⏩ Imran’s voice claimed in an alleged call leaked audio
New Delhi. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is in trouble. His name has allegedly come up in the call leak case and it is being said that this is the audio of the time when he was the Prime Minister. There has been a ruckus in social media regarding this matter. This audio has been shared by many journalists and other users. Actually, in this audio, there are ‘obscene talks’ between a man and a woman, about which no information is being given here. 

This audio was first shared by a journalist named Syed Ali Haider on a YouTube channel. It is being told that the man is Imran Khan. Users have asked for the link to call recording on social media, so this call recording leak scandal is also in the headlines in Pakistani media. According to Pakistani media and news portals, the leaked audio is from Pakistan’s PMO office only and journalists say that Imran Khan was caught having an obscene conversation with a woman. Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat has tweeted that ‘Imran Khan has now become Imran Hashmi in the alleged call leak.’
Imran Khan kept quiet, the party said – the audio is fake
Imran Khan has not yet reacted to this call recording going viral on social media, but some leaders of Imran’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have called it fake. Arsalan Khalid says that fearing the popularity of Imran Khan, his opponents are taking such steps. PTI’s social media head Arshlan Khalid said that the government is adopting petty tactics to tarnish Imran’s image. However, some time ago, Imran Khan had expressed apprehension that the government may go to any extent to tarnish his image. Imran’s audio tapes were leaked some time ago, one of which was of his conversation with his wife Bushra which went viral on social media.



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