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China was exposed. It will not adopt double standards or apologize.

India-China Relation: No matter how much China tries to suppress India, but now India is not going to be suppressed by it. China should remember that this India is no longer the India of 1962. Voice Against Autocracy (VAA) has written in its report that India has strengthened itself so much that now China’s trick of ‘first adopting double standards and then apologizing’ will not work in front of it. 

World News: Now no trick of China will work in India. India has understood his double standards and apology trick. (File Photo-PTI)

⏩ China should remember – India is no longer the weak nation of 1962
⏩ India dominated China in disputes from 1967 to 2020
⏩ India will not allow its neighbor China to play any trick now 
Beijing. China had thought that after the Doklam dispute, it would suppress India regarding the Siliguri Corridor. But, the way India defeated China on Doklam, it became clear that China has been exposed. Now India will not allow his trick of ‘first adopting double standards and then apologizing’. Voice Against Autocracy (VAA) has written this in its report.

According to the report, India is no longer the country of 1962. Be it the Nathu-La Pass, the Chao-La dispute in Sikkim in 1967, the Sumdorong Chu dispute in Arunachal Pradesh in 1986, or the Galway dispute in Ladakh in the year 2020, the Indian Army has always been above the Chinese Army. China’s bullying in India is not going to work anymore. Beijing specializes in this trick that it shifts the goalposts according to its needs. He has already made similar efforts on the India-China border in Ladakh.
China did this continuously
First of all, he prepared the map in 1956. After that in 1960, he added more places from India to it. And, in 1962, he also took possession of many places. The latest case is of the year 2020 when he tried to grab the disputed land. He tried to capture this land under the deadly conditions of Kovid-19 and in violation of the agreement with India. Voice Against Autocracy (VAA) has said that this act exposed the ploy of the Communist rulers of China to adopt double standards.
China did this trick
In 2012, when Xi Jinping became the head of the nation, he visited the National Museum of China. In his first speech here, he said that his main objective is to rejuvenate China. This rejuvenation included the construction of a road from China’s Chumbi Valley to the Doklam Plateau on the banks of the Torsa Nula River, which borders Bhutan. With this, it became clear in 2017 that the real intention behind this move was to build a road up to the Jompelari peak of the Doklam plateau. After being established here, the Chinese army could also threaten the Siliguri Corridor and keep an eye on Sikkim, Bhutan, and Tibet simultaneously.




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