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india corona cases | bihar corona update | india china news | china corona

Is the BF.7 subvariant going to be the next generation of Corona? Find out what experts have to say

In view of the situation in China, India is also preparing to deal with the Corona Epidemic with full force. The question is whether there will be an epidemic in India as well and whether will it be because of the BF.7 sub-variant. In such a situation, experts have expressed their opinion.

India has made complete preparations to deal with the wave of Corona. (file photo)

New Delhi. In some countries of the world and especially in China, the Corona Epidemic has taken everyone by surprise. What could be its impact in India and will the BF.7 sub-variant usher in the next Covid wave in the country? Taking lessons from past experience, the Health Department in India has also made preparations to deal with any situation. Testing, booster dose, and screening of passengers coming from other countries and other corona protocols are being followed. At the same time, special care is being taken in the country for patients with corona symptoms. Meanwhile, experts say that due to the introduction of vaccine and booster dose in India, this time there is less possibility of corona having more effect.

A variant similar to the BF.7 sub-variant found in China and believed to be responsible for the effect of the epidemic was first revealed in February 2021 and since then it has been found in about 90 countries around the world. Its patients have also been found in India. The effect of this virus on these patients was limited and almost all the patients were easily cured.
Currently more than 10 variants in India
Virologist Dr. Gagan Deep Kang says that at present there are more than 10 variants in India and despite all this, the rate of corona infection is low. A wave or a very rapid increase in cases has not been seen so far. Vigilance regarding BF.7 sub-variant is very important, but at the same time, there is no need to panic. India has immunity to the vaccine and resources are also abundant. People should wear masks etc. At the same time, if there are symptoms of the corona, then the doctor should be treated it.




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