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Sex girl-truck driver’s love story – waiting for marriage for 15 years due to lack of money, 10 crore lottery 

The love story of a sex girl-truck driver, love 20 years ago, engagement 15 years ago, the marriage did not happen due to lack of money, now lottery worth 10 crores.

Bought the ticket from the store where she used to work and became a millionaire.

Sometimes even God bows down to the stubbornness of man. Similar is the story of a sex girl and her truck driver’s fiance. Both had got engaged 15 years ago. Then both could not get married due to lack of money. Now he has got a lottery of Rs 10 crore. After this lottery, this couple is now going to get married. Actually, 41-year-old Ellie and 43-year-old Karl Ward love each other very much. Both of them are in a relationship for the past 20 years. They got engaged 15 years ago. Now they have children too, but while taking up the responsibilities of the family, they were not able to save money for themselves. That’s why they didn’t get married. Now, this couple is going to get married to lottery money.

According to a report in the British newspaper The Independent.co.uk, Ellie and Ward have two children – a 12-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter. Ellie is a sexy girl in a supermarket while Ward drives a truck. Recently, Ellie bought a lottery ticket from the store where she works. That ticket belonged to Britain’s famous lottery company Euromillions UK Millionaire Maker. With this ticket, Eli got a lottery of one million pounds i.e. about 10 crore rupees.
After this victory, Ward said that till now we have been postponing our marriage due to lack of money. We were worried about running the expenses of our children and family. Now we have got the money and now we are going to get married. We are very happy about this.
After this victory, Eli said that we had gone to a friend’s house to get milk and bread. While returning from there, we took a lottery ticket from the store. Actually, while returning from a friend’s house, I went to the store where I used to work. I had to use the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and returned from there to see Ward standing at the National Lottery counter. Then we decided to buy a ticket for the Euro Millions lottery. The draw of that lottery was also going to open on the same night.
Eli further said that they never used to buy lottery tickets. When my friends used to ask me to try my luck, I used to laugh at them and used to say that when I win something, I will definitely give you a party. He said that now I have won one million pounds. Definitely, now I will throw him a party. He said that I smile remembering the day I bought the lottery ticket. I spent some money and today we have won a million pounds.
The couple got information about winning the lottery on Sunday. All the family members were watching TV with tea when Eli checked his ticket on the National Lottery app. Then he came to know about winning one million pounds. The joy of victory was so great that I was taken aback, then my mother came to me and asked are you alright. Then I told him that we had won the lottery for one million pounds.



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