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nuclear fusion | nuclear fission and fusion | difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion | what is nuclear fusion

Nuclear Fusion: Fake sun prepared in American lab, the announcement of historic nuclear fusion 

Researchers have made a big discovery regarding nuclear fusion at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, USA. Researchers claim that a large amount of energy can be obtained from this.

Nuclear fusion was carried out at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (Photo- Jason Laurea/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

⏩ Researchers in America have prepared a ‘fake sun’ under nuclear fusion.

⏩ Researchers claim that many major problems can be overcome with this energy.
New Delhi. Researchers in America have achieved great success in the field of energy. Researchers have reportedly made a major breakthrough in the quest to unlock an unlimited, safe and clean source of energy. Experts have predicted that a breakthrough in nuclear fusion could bring unlimited clean energy and help in the fight against climate change.

It is being claimed in different reports that America has also prepared a fake sun in the laboratory. Over the years researchers have tried to recreate nuclear fusion and through this process, scientists have tried to mimic the energy that powers the Sun. Due to this, it is called the fake sun.

Carbon-free energy is produced like the sun
According to reports, for the first time in history, American scientists have carried out a nuclear fusion reaction at the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, USA, due to which pure energy (carbon-free energy) was produced just like the Sun. According to media reports, the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has to be confirmed.

Researchers told nuclear a historic achievement
This is a historic achievement for researchers and staff at the National Ignition Facility, who have dedicated their careers to making fusion ignition a reality, the Livermore researchers said at a news conference at Granholm Washington. According to scientists, if everything goes right, America’s dependence on fossil energy like gas, petrol, and diesel can be reduced.
Nuclear fusion told a miracle
Its biggest loss can be to oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Oman, and Nigeria. Explain that the energy that is generated from nuclear reactors at present is used for power generation in the world as well as for different energy requirements. White House science advisor Aarti Prabhakar, being present with Granhome, described nuclear fusion as an engineering miracle. He said that with perseverance everything can be achieved.



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